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Enneagram for Business

The Enneagram offers the opportunity to align, link and synergise various organizational development initiatives within your or your clients’ business. Our enterprise solutions offer deep, accelerated leadership development, teambuilding, communication, collaboration and productivity, resulting in a better bottom line.


  • A single 30-minute questionnaire provides the data required for multiple interventions, reducing survey fatigue, helping staff see the links between diverse organization development activities, and creating a shared language and sense of integration across the business.
  • The Enneagram is more than a personality model as this powerful suite of tools also offers a framework for reflecting on group and community dynamics and drivers, as well as a process that can be applied to guide an intentional, grounded change journey.
  • Maximise the return on investment (ROI) and depth of your development activities with a tool that brings emotional intelligence and deep self-awareness to all applications.
  • Accelerate and support deep transformations in culture, learning and development and engagement by connecting employees to the deepest levels of self-awareness. Insight into individual motivators and drivers allows for deeper, faster change, customised change journeys and effective, sustainable transformation.
  • It provides a framework to deeply investigate the ‘why’ behind displayed behaviours or resistance, allowing for breakthrough solutions. The iEQ9 gives insight into what intrinsically motivates different people, what engages them and the risks of disengagement or burnout.
  • Empower your managers, leaders and coaches with tips and suggestions of effective development activities and strategies for each individual or group. The iEQ9 suite of products focuses not only on the ‘what’ of assessment, but also offers reflections and suggestions of the ‘so what, now what?’ of development, to move forwards.

Key applications of THE ENNEAGRAM in Business and Organisation development:

The Enneagram is a catalyst for organizational development at individual, team and organizational levels. Enneagram-based insight has the ability to reflect deep motivators and change behaviours, giving it great power in the context of a complex adaptive system such as a team or organization. As it speaks to intrinsic motivations, the Enneagram adds deep value to engagement, change management, organizational culture, team development and organizational coherence. In teams and broader groupings, the Enneagram offers both diagnosis and development opportunities by reflecting “what is” as well as holding the key to new behaviour patterns and solution-mechanisms.

The Enneagram is not a superficial framework to provide quick and short-lived insight – its depth and layered approach allows for unfolding and adapting organizational journeys over time. Clients find that the Enneagram continues to resonate with them as they change and grow, allowing them to work deeper and deeper, tapping into subtler and more powerful pathways to development.

Enneagram for Business and Organisation development


Teams are fundamental in organizations, with some theorists suggesting that people don’t leave organizations, they love or leave their team and direct manager. The demands for agility, rapid change and collaboration are leading many organizations to redesign their structures with less hierarchy and more flat team structures. This increase in teamwork and collaboration means more individual accountability for employees, for themselves and how they engage with others in teams, requiring high EQ and awareness. The Enneagram offers deep insights into both individual and team culture, values and barriers, empowering the team with a deeper understanding of themselves and each other, and highlighting potential avenues to grow and develop.

Enneagram for Business and Organisation development
Enneagram for Leadership development

Leadership Development

In 21st century organizations, we look to leadership to do so much – to provide strategic clarity, individual mentoring and growth, lead change and engagement, promote diversity and inclusion and much more! A key barrier to this is the individual leader’s own self-awareness and capacity to change. Our clients consistently find that the iEQ9 offers true breakthroughs through focusing on self-awareness, emotional intelligence and capacity for vertical development, continuously learning and growing through a deep connection with their authentic self. Leaders also gain insights into the different motivators and drivers of others, accelerating their effectiveness as coaches and mentors.

The Enneagram offers a diverse view of leadership that acknowledges nine (or 27) different forms of power and opens up the possibility to develop more leaders from diverse backgrounds and levels. The framework goes beyond traditional, limited ideas about leadership such as ‘leaders don’t show weakness’ or ‘leaders have all the answers’ and invites leaders to step into their own power through a unique development path, rather than trying to emulate others around them.

Enneagram for Culture development


Culture is seen as a key source of competitive advantage in the modern organization, yet it stubbornly resists efforts to ‘design’ or ‘change’ it to an envisioned culture. The iEQ9 offers the opportunity to sense, analyse and dig deep into the underlying assumptions and beliefs that form the organizational DNA expressed in your culture, and therefore the strategies and opportunities to shape, tweak and leverage that culture to maximize its potential.

Our culture tools:
  • Reveal the ‘Centers of gravity’ and limiting beliefs that underpin your culture, and the key developmental actions to shift it
  • Map the cultures and subcultures built on different values in different parts of the organization
  • Go deep ‘below the waterline’ to identify and name the limiting beliefs, values or fears that may be keeping your culture ‘stuck’ and resistant to change
  • Indicate the most appropriate levers to shape the culture of diverse groups and teams, by making sense of how unique individual or group values interact with the broader culture.
Enneagram for Culture development
Enneagram for Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement

“Under the evolving social contract between employer and employee, workers become “volunteers” to be re-engaged and re-recruited each day” – Deloitte HC Survey

Organizations have invested a great amount of time, resources and energy in building engagement in recent years, and this remains a key priority. This implies that engagement is driven by a range of factors that may be individualized and localized, giving responsibility to the immediate manager and team. The iEQ9 indicates the red flags and warning signs of overload, burnout and disengagement for different individuals, as well as suggestions of blind spots and opportunities for engagement at both a collective and individual level, allowing for a strategic approach to this essential challenge.

Enneagram for Coaching, Mentoring and Talent development

Coaching, Mentoring and Talent Development

To effectively mentor, coach and develop talent, we need to craft a personalised development path and strategy for each individual – creating a key challenge for managers in knowing what they should focus on and how to work with diverse coachees. The iEQ9 suite gives you development paths and strategies per type (for 27 different individual subtypes), which leaders and mentors can discuss and apply with the individuals they work with. This gives the ability to deliver coaching and advice in such a way that the individual can hear, internalise, problem solve and take ownership of their own development. The Enneagram also offers a lens for leaders to understand that their own values, motivations and preferred learning style are not always right for others, and to adapt their development strategies based on a robust, data-grounded report.

Enneagram for Coaching, Mentoring and Talent development
Enneagram for Change and Diversity management

Change and Diversity Management

The iEQ9 reveals the organization to itself, offering a tool to deeply diagnose resistance or motivation at the level of root causes, and a structured framework to create movement that aligns with these insights. The Enneagram is more than a personality model, but also offers a view of process that can be applied to guide an intentional, grounded change process.

To shift behaviour, we must first understand why it is that people are behaving the way they do – something they might not be aware of themselves! By working into the deepest levels of resistance and motivation, this framework offers tools to resolve or even dissolve conflict and to reframe change as a positive. The diversity of the Enneagram allows for the gifts of diverse types (drivers, visionaries, relationship-builders, analytical types) to be incorporated into the change process, through a robust research-based process.

Enneagram for Learning and Development

Learning & Development

With new generations entering the workplace, climbing learning and development costs and the rise of the independent worker, companies are rethinking their approach to learning and talent to prioritise the individual. Our product suite offers a unique development path, supported by flexible reporting formats and modular offerings. The iEQ9 accelerates breakthroughs, dropping individuals into deep awareness through the reflection of our reports. Individuals are empowered with an understanding of their own style, barriers and strengths which can be applied to virtually any development or learning challenge.

Enneagram for Learning and Development
Benefits of the iEQ9 for a Business

Benefits of the iEQ9 for a Business

  • More than five years of continuous improvement through scientific research and development have made the iEQ9 Questionnaire 95% accurate and we continue to refine its reliability and validity based on client feedback. The iEQ9 is used by more than 450 accredited users worldwide and more than 400 000 profiles have been generated for corporate clients.
  • A single 30-minute questionnaire gathers robust and reliable data, which can then be articulated and leveraged in a number of different reporting formats and applications. Through the iEQ9 we gather and are able to give feedback on: 9 Enneagram types and 27 Subtypes, three Centers of Intelligence (Thinking, Feeling and Action), 6 Dimensions of Stress and Strain, Levels of Integration, Social styles, Conflict styles and Resilience.
  • For multinational clients, the iEQ9 Questionnaire and Integrative reports are being translated from English into Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. The report is currently available in English and Danish and the iEQ9 is available in Danish, Dutch, French, Finnish, German, Afrikaans, Norwegian, Spanish, Italian, Hebrew, Thai, Chinese and Portuguese.
  • All reports are modular and fully customisable, allowing for choice in the content, length and data included. This enables you to build a report that suits the needs of the organization and focuses participants on the most relevant data for your corporate application.

iEQ9 Integrative Enneagram Report Options

iEQ9 Report
Individuals Standard

[23 PAGES]

This report covers the Enneagram specific constructs that support self-awareness and personal transformation.

  • Core Enneagram Type
  • Motivation, behaviour, Psychodynamics
  • Blindspots, strengths and challenges
  • Center of Expression
  • Triadic Center styles
  • 27 Subtypes
  • Wing Influence
  • Self Awareness and Integration
  • Strain Levels x 6

iEQ9 Report
Individuals Professional

[42 PAGES]

This report builds on the foundational content of the Standard Report. It adds value to professionals by covering specific competency areas that influence effectiveness and development.

  • + All Standard Report content
  • Communication
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback
  • Feedback Guide for all Types
  • Conflict and Triggers
  • Decision Making
  • Leadership and Management
  • Team Behaviour
  • Coaching Relationship

iEQ9 Report
Teams Standard

[23 PAGES]

This report scales the insight and development process to the team level. It adds value to the health and effectiveness of teams working together in an organisational setting. The report includes:

  • Team Centers of expression
  • Enneagram team style and values
  • Impact on relationships, planning, tasks and goals
  • Unhealthy team behaviours
  • Development stages
  • Secondary style influences
  • Underdeveloped styles
  • Collective strain profile
  • Harmonics & Hornevians
  • Team instincts
  • Leadership
  • Dynamics between the team and leader
In-House Bespoke Training

In-House bespoke training

The Enneagram offers organizations powerful opportunities to align, link and synergise various developmental activities across silos and projects. To support your long-term organization development goals and capacity-building, we offer customised in-house training for your internal practitioners, on your organization’s application of the tool. This training adapts our standard four-day training workshops to deeply embed the required understanding, workshop how the iEQ9 will function in your organization or intervention, and support practitioners in integrating the Enneagram with other key OD initiatives and processes.

* Please note: in-house training is subject to a minimum number of participants. A unique proposal and costing will be created for each client. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Once training is complete, your in-house practitioners will be invited to join our global iEQ9 community, giving them access to ongoing skills development, local Community of Practice groups, and hundreds of experts around the world who generously share their insights. Our iEQ9 team provide ongoing support and ensure we hear your feedback on how we can continue to improve.

In-House Bespoke Training
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