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Become an Accredited Integrative Enneagram Practitioners
The Integrative Enneagram Training program is ICF and IEA Accredited and you will receive 36 ICF CCEU points on successful completion of the training and case study.   (Core Competencies 29.25   Resource Development 6.75)

Become an Accredited Integrative Enneagram Practitioner

If you are a professional coach, organization development practitioner or HR business partner and want to increase your effectiveness with individual and team coaching, fast-track the coaching process and improve results with robust assessments and development strategies, then this training is for you.

Over the four days, participants experience deep learning and gain the ability to practically apply the Enneagram and the iEQ9 profiling products in their coaching practice. Our iEQ9 products give detailed metrics and professional narrative reports to understand individual and team dynamics.

Become an Accredited Integrative Enneagram Practitioners
The Integrative Enneagram Training program is ICF and IEA Accredited and you will receive 36 ICF CCEU points on successful completion of the training and case study.   (Core Competencies 29.25   Resource Development 6.75)
Integrative Enneagram Solutions

Level 2
Team Enneagram Dynamics

4 Days of Training

Practical understanding of Enneagram dynamics within teams/groups in organisations. Includes team report interpretation, session design, facilitation techniques.

Level 2 Training includes the following modules:
  • The Dynamics of the Team Versus the Individual
  • iEQ9 Team Report Interpretation
  • Facilitating Using the Enneagram
  • Designing Team Intervention and Development Processes
Integrative Enneagram Solutions

Level 1
Full Accreditation Training

4 Days of Training

Understanding and applying the Enneagram for coaching individuals and teams, accreditation in Integrative Enneagram Questionnaire and report interpretation.

Level 1 Training includes the following modules:
  • Introduction to the Enneagram
  • iEQ9 Report Interpretation, Feedback, Facilitating Change
  • 27 Subtypes, Harmonics, Hornevians
  • Coaching Dynamics & Tools
Post accreditation Member support

Post accreditation Member support

Once training is complete, you will be invited to join our global iEQ9 community, giving you access to ongoing skills development, local Community of Practice groups, and hundreds of experts worldwide who generously share their insights. Our iEQ9 team provide ongoing support and ensure we hear your feedback on how we can continue to improve.

We offer a range of opportunities to connect to our community of practice and support:

  • International Enneagram Conference
  • Communities of Practice
  • Coaching Pods
  • Peer Coaching
Post accreditation Member support

Accredited Members

As the Enneagram gains in popularity so does the demand for accredited Enneagram practitioners. To help promote the iEQ9 community Integrative created a platform on our web page where iEQ9 accredited members can load their professional coaching qualifications and specializations to enable clients to easily find a practitioner that matches their need – whether the client is looking for couples or relationship coaching, using the Enneagram with teenagers, in schools, leadership development or supporting organizational teams, culture and engagement.

This functionality will allow:

Individual Clients

who completed the iEQ9 Questionnaire and received and reviewed their Integrative reports, and want to take their development further by finding an Enneagram coach to work with.

Corporate Clients

to find Integrative Enneagram coaches

Accredited Coaches

who may need to use the Integrative network and support on big projects

What our Coaches say

Our coaches and brand ambassadors share the value, insights and transformations that have occurred as a result of using our products and services.

I have noticed that the IEQ has brought about the greatest shifts for my individual coaching clients . The level of self-awareness that the report is able to raise is very insightful and useful. On a personal level, it has made me do some of my deepest work yet. I would highly recommend the IEQ as I know that this is where the real work is and can be truly transformational.
SIVAN PADAYACHY Business Coach, Johannesburg
I have been partnering with IEQ since 2011, the early days of the business and have watched how the product offering has increased, been refined and consistently offered value for me in my coaching practice. The IEQ reports are presented in a way that is in line with corporate expectations, and my client has the report to refer back to in the many aspects of their leadership development journey. Whether I require one report or 100, the service is consistently excellent.
SHARON JANSEN MindShift Executive Coaching , Johannesburg
Integrative Enneagram has taken my business to another level. I now have a much better understanding of the individuals that I deal with, either on their own or as part of a bigger team or family. As I learn more about the Enneas and understand the extent of their effect, I have adapted my sessions and feedback process to create a platform for phenomenal self-discovery and development. Integrative has outstanding lecturers and the training was informative, entertaining and experiential. I am blessed to have an extremely successful business and continue to maintain excellent results, crediting IEQ as my most effective tool and guide that my team and I make use of – thank you.
TRACEY FOWLER Executive Coach, Facilitator And High Performance Team Training