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Ignite your team's potential: Transformative journeys with the iEQ9 Enneagram Workshop

Teams are the nucleus of every successful organisation. The cornerstone of extraordinary achievements. Yet, their dynamic, complex nature often presents challenges in alignment and development.

Unravel these complexities, build trust and accelerate performance with our game-changing iEQ9 Enneagram Team Reports and Workshops.

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Understanding builds trust

Unite. Ignite. Excite.

Our approach empowers individuals and teams by revealing their unconscious motivations, illuminating their distinctive talents, and spotlighting avenues for growth and development. This initiates radical shifts in behaviour, improved relationships, heightened engagement, and, ultimately, exceptional team and organisational performance.

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Professional facilitation by an Accredited iEQ9 Enneagram Coach.

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Comprehensive iEQ9 Team Report for your Team.

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Powerful Interactive Team and individual exercises.

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Exclusive Enneagram materials and resources.

Embark on a shared journey of discovery and improvement

Bespoke Development: Tailored to Your Team's Needs

No two teams are the same, and neither are their paths to greatness. Our workshops offer custom development tips designed to guide teams through shared values, priorities, and ways of working, thus shaping a unique team character. Harness the power of Enneagram to navigate your team's unique journey towards high performance.

Our team report offers a springboard for growing interpersonal and team awareness, tapping into their unique gifts and, ultimately, enabling teams to express their purpose and potential fully.

Embark on a shared journey of discovery and improvement
95 percent accurate

Cultivate Trust, Reap Results.

Our iEQ9 Enneagram Workshops enable deep dives into team dynamics, fostering higher levels of psychological safety and trust. The outcome? Superior collaboration, collective learning, and a leap in performance. Align your team's developmental goals with Enneagram’s growth paths to obtain a truly transformative experience.

iEQ9 Teams Report

Celebrate Diversity, Strengthen Unity.

Great teams are a symphony of diverse strengths. Our workshops inspire teams to value each member's unique contribution, develop empathy for individual team members, and gain practical insights on effectively working with different types.

Unleash your team's collective potential by leveraging the power of diversity.

iEQ9 Teams Report

Your team will be equipped with the skills necessary to:

icon checkmark Learn about each member’s individual Enneagram type and value their contributions.
icon checkmark Tap into your team’s gifts at a deep and powerful level.
icon checkmark Learn practical tips to work with different individual Enneagram Types effectively.
icon checkmark Explore their unique team Enneagram style and profile.
icon checkmark How others experience you at your best and worst.
icon checkmark Your instinctual behaviour patterns vs cultivating a state of self-awareness.
Bridge the Gap: From Discord to Synergy

Bridge the Gap: From Discord to Synergy

Turn conflict into collaboration. Our Enneagram Team Reports expose potential friction areas and their underlying patterns, helping teams understand their social and conflict styles.

The Team Exploration Kit offers a deep understanding of team dynamics by combining each individual’s unique contribution to the team structure.

Transform your collective dynamics from a barrier into a catalyst for stellar performance.

Bridge the Gap: From Discord to Synergy

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Take the first step towards transforming your team. Experience the power of the Enneagram in cultivating self-awareness, enhancing teamwork, and achieving remarkable results. Discover a whole new level of team dynamics that fosters trust, mutual respect, and unparalleled performance.

You and your team are far more than the sum of your parts. Explore your potential and soar to new heights with our Enneagram Teams Workshop!

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What’s included in the Team package?

Each team member will receive their individual 44-page Professional Individual Report. Teams receive a detailed 23-page iEQ9 Teams Report and the highly custom, professionally designed, extensive 77-slide Presentation specific to the team, with tailored development recommendations.

During the Team Exploration workshop, the team is guided to explore their results together, discuss the insights that arise, prioritise their opportunities and plan to take action.

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Enneagram Teams Package (English only)

iEQ9 Pro Report

Enneagram Professional Individual Report

Enneagram test, 44 page personality profile

What is included?
  • Core Enneagram Types
    Do you want to get to know yourself better? Identifying your Enneagram Type will help you understand your unique thinking, feeling, and acting patterns. Working with your Type empowers you to take responsibility for your behaviours and growth through a greater understanding of why you act and react the way you do.
  • Motivation, Behaviour, Psychodynamics
    Much more than just a personality profile that tells us how we might behave, the Enneagram highlights the underlying motivations, defence mechanisms, and fears buried in the unconscious layers of the psyche. The Enneagram unlocks potential and change from a deeper level that connects to personal values by enabling us to understand the motivational patterns that drive us.
  • Blindspots, Strengths and Challenges
    Discover your natural strengths which arise from your internal worldview or perspective. This section helps you tap into and appreciate your Enneagram Type's strengths and positive aspects. When harnessed healthily and balanced, these strengths will support your well-being, goals and relationships. No development journey should ignore weaknesses.
  • Centers of Expression
    The Centers of Expression relate to how we show up in the world and how we are likely to be perceived by others. There are three Centers of Expression: Thinking, Feeling and Acting. Exploring the Centers helps you to understand how you process external stimuli, make decisions, and express yourself in relationships. This section identifies your dominant Center and those less prominently expressed, illuminating your primary life strategies.
  • Triadic Center Styles
    There is a particular way in which you engage with your feelings, actions and thoughts, which is flavoured by your Enneagram Profile. You may be most aware of this when you are triggered, confused or when you realise that your gut says one thing, your head another, and your heart something else. The combination of these three gives your personality a different way of expression. Observing and becoming aware of each Center's energy flow can benefit your development and growth.
  • 27 Subtypes
    When your dominant Instinct merges with your core Enneagram Type, the two together is known as your Subtype. Subtypes sheds light on why people with the same Enneagram Type, can behave in different ways. Grasping your Subtype can create an instrumental, detailed and nuanced description of your personality and offers meaningful shifts and targeted development paths.
  • Wing-Influence
    Wing Influence refers to the Enneagram Types adjacent to your core Type, known as your "Wings". While you typically engage both Wings, one is often more dominant for most people. This section details how each Wing can shape your personality and behaviour.
  • Self-Awareness and Integration
    This section reveals your level of integration, indicating the degree to which you're living on 'autopilot' or in a state of self-awareness. For many people, discovering their Enneagram Type is a turning point, as they see for the first time how their Ego has been limiting them and how disconnected they may be from their true Essence. The path of Integrative with the Enneagram is a journey back to Essence, escaping the limitations of personality and connecting to a more unlimited, liberated self.
  • Strain Levels
    Your strain profile reflects your subjective sense of how much stress you experienced at a point in time across five domains:
    • Interpersonal Strain - Evaluating stress within your relationships.
    • Environmental Strain - Measuring stress induced by your environment.
    • Psychological Strain - Your current level of “mental health” stress.
    • Physical Strain - Gauging your physical health's stress levels.
    • Vocational Strain - Determining stress levels related to your work.
    • Happiness - A variable that’s often hard to determine.
  • Lines of Tension and Release
    The Enneagram is much more than nine points or a set of categories or Types. It is a rich, complex psychodynamic framework that provides a powerful model for understanding how people operate, develop and integrate. The Enneagram Lines offer rich potential for exploration and development, as they offer balance and fresh resources to a person’s core Type.
  • Communication
    The ability to communicate effectively is one of the critical competencies for professional success. Look at your listening habits, verbal communication style, non-verbal cues (body language) and written communication tendencies. Communication style includes your Meta-Message, the underlying message you may be communicating to others—a message people can notice from your tone, content, and intention.
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback
    Gain insight into your style of giving and receiving feedback—a critical link in the chain of professional performance improvement and effectiveness. It guides you on harnessing your strengths while conveying constructive information, alerts you about potential pitfalls to avoid and anticipates your reactions when faced with challenging messages from others.
  • Feedback Guide for all Types
    Everyone seeks effective methods to deliver "constructive criticism" to individuals distinct from us. This section furnishes you with tailored advice on your communication style, offering prompt guidelines to refine, adjust, and strategize your approach to providing feedback to people of known types.
  • Conflict and Triggers
    We all respond to conflict differently and have different triggers that induce conflict. By understanding your response to conflict and potential triggers, you can develop your unique conflict resolution strategies. Once you become aware of your unhelpful and destructive patterns, rather than reacting blindly to triggers, you can begin working towards a more grounded, intentional response to these situations.
  • Decision Making
    The report comprehensively analyses the interplay between your Center of Intelligence, Enneagram Type, and level of Strain. This synthesis provides nuanced insights into how these key aspects shape your ability to make decisions. It investigates your decision-making tendencies informed by your Enneagram traits and dominant Center of Expression, to help you better understand and optimise your decision-making strategies.
  • Leadership and Management
    The Strategic Leadership section delivers insights into your leadership style, exploring facets like vision development, strategic thinking, assessing group alignment with goals, and managing organisational change. Uncover your strengths and areas for growth as a leader.
  • Team Behaviour
    Your behaviour in a team is the basis of discovering your preferred role in the team, as well as what your impact is on your team’s achievements. This section examines how you function at the 4 Stages of Team maturity, your impact on the team, and your preferred goals and team role.
  • Coaching Relationships
    The Coaching Relationship section provides insights into your dynamics within a coaching context. Whether you have a business or life coach, or plan to engage one, this segment guides you towards enhancing these interactions.
iEQ9 Team Report

Teams Report

23-page Team profile

What is included?
Team style Traits
  • Team Enneagram Profile
    A Team Style refers to the unique behavioural dynamics and interaction patterns that surface within a group. It manifests through both conscious and unconscious biases, shaping the energy exchanges, affiliations, conflicts, emerging leadership types, and the balance between group cohesion and individual differentiation. It essentially defines how the group functions, communicates, and progresses towards its objectives.
  • Primary Team Style
    This section explores the team's Primary Enneagram Style, reflecting the collective values and drives that are likely to be important and present in the team. Unpack the Primary Team Style by exploring the beliefs and norms that give the team ‘character’, and influence how its members see their purpose, roles and responsibilities.
  • Secondary and Under-Developed Team Styles
    By understanding which Type your whole team resonates with, it is also important to investigate which Types your team is less connected to and how you would benefit from accessing these new perspectives.
  • Team Centers of Expression
    The Centers of Expression relate to how we show up in the world and how we are likely to be perceived by others. There are three Centers of Expression: Thinking, Feeling and Acting. Exploring the Centers helps you to understand how your team processes external stimuli and make decisions. Delve into your team’s dominant Center and those less prominently expressed, illuminating your primary business strategies.
  • Team Development Stages
    Everybody needs their own way of growing, your team is no different. By incorporating your team’s perspective you can discover unique strategies on how you can develop individually and collectively.
  • Team Strain Profile
    This section presents insights to assess your subjective stress levels across five domains:
    • Interpersonal Strain - Evaluating stress within your relationships.
    • Environmental Strain - Measuring stress induced by your environment.
    • Psychological Strain - Your current level of “mental health” stress.
    • Physical Strain - Gauging your physical health's stress levels.
    • Vocational Strain - Determining stress levels related to your work.
    • Happiness - A variable that’s often hard to determine.
  • Team Instincts
    Your team’s core Enneagram type and an original combination of the three instincts—Self-Preservation, One-to-one and Social—allows the iEQ9 report to articulate a meaningful understanding of your team’s fundamental structure.
  • Team Interaction and Conflict Styles
    This section investigates your team’s preferred Interaction Styles and Conflict Styles and reflecting any potential tensions within the team.
  • Team Leader Enneagram Style
    By comparing the Team Leader’s core Enneagram Type with the Team’s, the intertwined dynamics of this distinctive combination become clear, allowing for future strategies to be built.
Enneagram Team Exploration Powerpoint

Enneagram Team
Exploration Powerpoint

77-page slide Powerpoint

What is included?
Meet the Enneagram
  • Check-in and contracting
  • Individual Enneagram profiles
Data feedback and reflection
  • Team style and current stat
  • Team strengths, blind spots and risks
Team dynamics
  • Team relationship patterns
  • Individual needs in the team
Moving forward
  • Team development stages
  • Action and change
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Let us know you are interested and we will connect you with a professional iEQ9 Enneagram practitioner experienced at working with teams.


Lisa Gould-Lewis Thumbnail
The Integrative 9 Teams material provides comprehensive detail for participants that will allow teams to see one another more compassionately while also being able to see growth points for the team. The presentation slides are high quality and the support material provided to present a thorough, effective workshop is phenomenal. So grateful for the training!
Lisa Gould-Lewis Transformational Leadership Coach, California, USA
Tim Kiy Thumbnail
A must if you work with teams. The quality of the course materials and facilitation is second to none, with a depth of knowledge and insight I have yet to find elsewhere. The course is practically minded, with a deliberate focus on client application. I couldn’t recommend it more highly
Tim Kiy Integral Coach, London, UK
Sue Bates Thumbnail
Engaging with the iEQ9 Team Training material was truly next-level. It was taking it from an X-ray to an MRI and then having a plan to grow, heal and be better all-around. This material is GOLD for every team!
Sue Bates Leadership Coach, Atlanta, USA
Ros McCabe Thumbnail
We have used the Integrative Enneagram Reports as part of a leadership development programme with a major client. These reports enabled great interpersonal awareness and recognition of how the teams are functioning, as well as a catalyst for honest communication and helped the teams to identify practical changes that they could make to their way of thinking.
Ros McCabe Ernst & Young Advisory Services, Cape Town, South Africa

iEQ9 Team facilitators delivered over
10 000 Enneagram team workshops.
Unlocking collective strengths, and
realizing the team's fullest potential.

We’ve delivered over 10 000 team workshops We’ve delivered over 10 000 team workshops

A new age for teamwork starts now.
The global pandemic ushered in an entirely new way of work. Although the sudden change has left many confused and disorientated, we believe it offers exciting new opportunities for organisational growth. Communication has become more dependent on technology and teams have also become more flexible and adaptable, with a greater emphasis on trust and autonomy.

Equip your teams with the skills necessary to excel by enhancing resilience, teamwork, communication, integrity, and productivity—ultimately improving your bottom line.

Practical and Actionable Insights

Practical and Actionable Insights
  • Providing insight into the ‘why’ behind team and individual behaviour and resistance. Reflecting group dynamics and drivers.
  • Providing tailored development paths to guide change journeys.
  • Maximising the depth and ROI of your organisation’s development activities by bringing emotional intelligence and deep self-awareness to all applications.
  • Accelerating deep and sustainable transformations at the level of individual growth, employee engagement and organisational culture.
  • Exploring what engages employees and supports resilience. Highlighting key risks of disengagement or burnout.
  • Equipping coaches, managers and leaders to effective development strategies.
  • Focusing not only on the ‘What?’ of assessment but also the ‘So what?’ and ‘Now what?’ of development to move forward.
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Ready for breakthrough results?

Ready for breakthrough results?

Embark on this transformative journey with us. Empower your team with the skills to thrive in an increasingly complex world. Unleash your team's full potential and redefine your organisation's future with the iEQ9 Enneagram Team Workshops.

Take the leap with iEQ9—where great teams become extraordinary!

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, for a comprehensive Team Report, each team member must complete the iEQ9 Professional. A minimum of three members is necessary for a team, typically not exceeding twelve. We also require the identification of a team leader.

We can create Group Profiles for larger entities such as learning cohorts, entire divisions, departments, or even whole organisations. The Team Report is beneficial for both established and newly formed teams, although its content is primarily tailored for teams already in operation.

In case of team member changes, we can generate new Team Reports. Any new members are also required to complete the iEQ9. Please note that the Team Report does not include explanations of Enneagram aspects covered in pages 1–20 of the individual report. These aspects are considered fundamental knowledge prior to team analysis.

The Enneagram, as a dynamic framework, facilitates enhanced communication, conflict resolution, increased empathy and understanding, leadership development, as well as personal and professional growth within a team setting. By providing a deeper understanding of each team member's motivations, fears, and desires, the Enneagram improves communication among team members. This heightened awareness allows individuals to tailor their communication styles to one another, leading to more effective exchanges and a reduction in misunderstandings. The Enneagram is a vital tool for resolving conflicts. Conflicts, while common within any team, can be effectively managed by recognizing the sources rooted in differing Enneagram types. This comprehension allows teams to address conflicts constructively and harmoniously, thereby leading to an enhancement in team cohesion and productivity. Another valuable aspect of the Enneagram is its ability to foster empathy and mutual understanding among team members. By learning about and identifying their own Enneagram types, team members gain a greater appreciation of the differences and similarities within their team, helping to build a more supportive and respectful team environment. The Enneagram also contributes to leadership development. Leaders, or potential leaders, can gain crucial insights into their own strengths and weaknesses through understanding their Enneagram type. This awareness can further guide their personal development and refine their leadership skills, benefiting the overall team dynamic. In conclusion, the Enneagram serves as a powerful, holistic tool for team development and coaching. With its ability to improve team dynamics, foster empathy and understanding, enhance communication, aid in conflict resolution, and stimulate personal and professional growth, it can greatly boost team performance and cohesion, making it a crucial component of any team development and coaching strategy.

While we do not offer the direct purchase of the iEQ9 Team report from our website, we provide an enriching and comprehensive journey with professional Enneagram coaching. Our coaches, proficient in the Enneagram and iEQ9 tools, act as guides, leading your team towards profound growth, increased focus, and heightened productivity.

Working closely with one of our experienced Enneagram coaches offers numerous benefits. They deliver thorough debriefs to enhance understanding, and provide ongoing support throughout the process to make sure concepts land and do “mat work”. Their expertise ensures that your team maximises the benefits of the exercises and processes, offering valuable insights into team dynamics and individual motivations.

The role of our coaches extends beyond mere guidance—they help keep your team accountable, reinforcing commitment and focus. This leads to an acceleration of the growth process, fast-tracking your team towards achieving its potential and objectives more efficiently.

These workshops have been highly successful, having been conducted with industry leaders such as Genentech, Mckinsey, Dropbox, Microsoft, Apple, Shopify, and NASA. They promote a deeper understanding of team dynamics, facilitating interpersonal and team awareness, and tapping into each team member's unique gifts.