Enneagram solutions for your coaching practice
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Enneagram Solutions for your coaching business

The iEQ9 Products and Solutions: Enneagram for Coaches

Discover one of the most powerful tools for your coaching business! The Enneagram not only enables insight, growth and integration for the individual client at a meta level, but also gives durability, depth and scale to the coaching and development process over time. The Enneagram framework is uniquely positioned to support individuals in understanding their deepest levels of intrinsic motivation, conflicts, anxieties and self-limiting beliefs, which create awareness and potential for accelerated, integrative and sustainable development.

The Enneagram is not a superficial framework that provides quick and short-lived insight. The depth and layered approach to the Enneagram enables the client to develop over time, guided by a deep coaching process that supports application, rapid results and deep self-awareness. Through the lines, wings, Centers of expression, instincts and levels of integration, subtle and powerful pathways to development open up. Clients find that Enneagram insights continue to resonate with them long after the initial journey, as they change and their circumstances change.

Most of the practitioners in the professional coaching world interested in using the iEQ9 products are certified by the ICF international coach federation. Our training programs provide 36 CCEUs points for coaches to keep their annual credentials up to date.

Beyond individual coaching, the Enneagram opens up avenues for coaching at a team and organizational level. As it speaks to intrinsic motivation, it also adds value to engagement, change management, organizational culture, team development and organizational coherence. The Enneagram enables work with “self as instrument” for practitioners, leaders and employees and is applied at all levels of the organization, from frontline staff levels to executive leadership teams.

Enneagram Solutions for your coaching business

Benefits of the iEQ9 Coaching tools

Integrative9 provides comprehensive self-managed software to administer assessment and reports to their business and corporate clients. The iEQ9 Individual, Professional and Team reports are for coaches, therapists and organization development practitioners keys to unlock radical growth in health and effectiveness. The Integrative Enneagram Questionnaire (iEQ9) combines scientifically enhanced accuracy, scalability and depth of insight to enable you to support your clients in their development journey and the pursuit of their goals.

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iEQ9 Individual Report
Unlocking psychodynamics and motivation

Unlocking psychodynamics & motivation

The iEQ9 gives people and groups an understanding of their subconscious motivations, defences and fixated behaviour patterns while simultaneously inviting the strengths and virtues of the individual into the process. The Integrative Enneagram enables your clients to work with and resolve issues such as:

  • Emotional, psychological and interpersonal factors blocking personal transformation
  • The self-limiting beliefs and blind spots limiting their growth and effectiveness
  • Leadership maturity, impact and effectiveness
  • Resistance to change and change readiness
  • Resilience, stress and the symptoms of stress
  • Interpersonal strain and conflict at work and home
  • Career development and transitions
  • Communication and influencing skills
Unlocking psychodynamics and motivation
Accurate assessment

Accurate Assessment

Our dynamic iEQ9 assessment maximises the reliability, quality, depth and accuracy of results, giving you a confident, reliable foundation for your coaching business. As well as a detailed and comprehensive individual report for your client, we also provide a unique Coaching Companion that gives you, the coach, key data and indicators that guide you and your client in debriefing and acting on the insights in the report. This allows practitioners to confidently support and unlock personal insights at the deepest levels, as early as the very first coaching session.

More than five years of continuous improvement through scientific research and development have made the iEQ9 Questionnaire 95% accurate and we continue to refine its reliability and validity based on client feedback. The objective measurement enables powerful reframing, reflection and gentle confrontation of the individual self. As an assessment rather than narrative solution, this approach also enables the practitioner to work effectively with the Enneagram in larger groups and systems, allowing the iEQ9 results to be used for both individual and team reports.

Customisable and Flexible

Customisable and Flexible

A single 30-minute Enneagram Test gathers robust and reliable data, which can then be articulated and leveraged in a number of different reporting formats and applications. Through the iEQ9 we gather and are able to give feedback on: 9 Enneagram types and 27 Subtypes, three Centers of Intelligence (Thinking, Feeling and Action), 6 Dimensions of Stress and Strain, Levels of Integration, Social styles, Conflict styles and Resilience.

All reports are modular and fully customisable, allowing for choice in the content, length and data included. This enables you to build a report that suits the needs of the organization and focuses participants on the most relevant data for your corporate application, or to customise reporting to align with your particular coaching practice or process.

Customisable and Flexible

Practical and Applicable

Practical and Applicable

We value pragmatism and easy application of our coaching tools and reports, and provide specific and accessible interpretations of the data in visual and descriptive formats, allowing clients to take a self-guided and engaging journey through their results. We give you and your clients all the information to move from the ‘What?’ of assessment to the ‘So what? Now what?’ of defining powerful action and development strategies.

Our robust reports translate type insights into customised advice and strategies for each of the 27 Subtypes, which can be applied immediately and over a long term. These practical and specific suggestions of development paths, strategies and activities for the particular individual type combination you are coaching offer a springboard and advice into your approach with each client.

Professional and Global

Professional and Global

The iEQ9 is used by more than 4000 accredited users around the world and more than 400 000 profiles have been generated for corporate clients. Our reports address key social and professional elements and present information in a neutral way, allowing for personal interpretation and professional application in a corporate context.

For multinational clients, the iEQ9 Questionnaire and Integrative reports are being translated from English into Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. The report is currently available in English and Danish and the iEQ9 is available in Danish, Dutch, French, Finnish, German, Afrikaans, Norwegian, Spanish, Italian, Hebrew, Thai, Chinese and Portuguese.

Professional and Global

iEQ9 Integrative Enneagram Report Options

iEQ9 Report
Individuals Standard

[23 PAGES]

This report covers the Enneagram specific constructs that support self-awareness and personal transformation.

  • Core Enneagram Type
  • Motivation, behaviour, Psychodynamics
  • Blindspots, strengths and challenges
  • Center of Expression
  • Triadic Center styles
  • 27 Subtypes
  • Wing Influence
  • Self Awareness and Integration
  • Strain Levels x 6

iEQ9 Report
Individuals Professional

[42 PAGES]

This report builds on the foundational content of the Standard Report. It adds value to professionals by covering specific competency areas that influence effectiveness and development.

  • + All Standard Report content
  • Communication
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback
  • Feedback Guide for all Types
  • Conflict and Triggers
  • Decision Making
  • Leadership and Management
  • Team Behaviour
  • Coaching Relationship

iEQ9 Report
Teams Standard

[23 PAGES]

This report scales the insight and development process to the team level. It adds value to the health and effectiveness of teams working together in an organisational setting. The report includes:

  • Team Centers of expression
  • Enneagram team style and values
  • Impact on relationships, planning, tasks and goals
  • Unhealthy team behaviours
  • Development stages
  • Secondary style influences
  • Underdeveloped styles
  • Collective strain profile
  • Harmonics & Hornevians
  • Team instincts
  • Leadership
  • Dynamics between the team and leader
iEQ9 Accreditation for Practitioners

iEQ9 Accreditation for Practitioners

Integrative Enneagram Solutions offers coaches, therapists and organization development practitioners a key to unlocking radical growth in health and effectiveness. The Integrative Enneagram Questionnaire (iEQ9) combines accuracy, scalability and depth of insight to enable you to support your clients in their development journey and the pursuit of their goals.

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iEQ9 Accreditation for Practitioners