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Integrative Enneagram Solutions is an international business providing individual, team and organization development solutions. Our specialty is using the Enneagram as a structural foundation and we are passionate about creating intelligent, intuitive and easy-to-use products. As an innovative Enneagram company, we successfully combine technology, statistical science and research with transformational psychology, coaching and OD.

At the heart of this lies our Integrative Intelligent Questionnaire technology. Behind the scenes, this leading-edge application delivers results that are accurate, powerful and significantly meaningful to our clients worldwide. We continuously explore and unpack the insights from the Enneagram to refine and perfect our core product, the iEQ9 Intelligent Questionnaire and the Integrative individual and team reports.

We represent the Enneagram authentically and aim to deliver insights in a professional, meaningful, actionable and positive way. We do this through our range of reports which identify the Enneagram profile, Center of Expression, 27 Instinctual Subtypes, Levels of Integration and the Six Dimensions of Stress and Strain within an individual or team.

Integrative Enneagram Solutions has trained over 4000 practitioners globally. Our questionnaire and reports have been translated into Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Hebrew, Thai, Chinese.

Integrative Core Business

To become the global leader in Enneagram products and services: Mindful people, conscious communities.


Integrative is an innovative Enneagram solutions provider. We integrate the art and science of self-discovery and transformation through the practical application of intelligent technology and holistic people development. Our global practitioners support individuals and organizations that care about self-development, team health, effectiveness and wellbeing. We grow, lead and inspire an Enneagram learning community of choice.

What our Coaches Say

Our questionnaires and reports have given our coaches the tools to gain a deeper understanding of the Enneagram and enhance their training methods.

Casper Oelofsen Enneagram practitioner
I have used various Enneagram questionnaires for individual and team coaching. The IEQ is by far the best and in my judgment the most accurate tool in the Enneagram community. I have also seen how the international community has embraced the tool. Dirk’s passion and involvement in The International Enneagram community benefits all users of IEQ. IEQ has been translated in many languages and is playing a vital role in establishing a standard Enneagram language worldwide. The relationship between Dirk and leading Enneagram specialists adds detail to the report that is invaluable for practitioners. The focus on subtypes has certainly changed my Enneagram understanding and also helped my clients understand their types in much more depth.
CASPER OELOFSEN Executive Coach & Mindfulness Teacher, Johannesburg
The Integrative team is an amazing group of young, bright and enthusiastic individuals who have developed a coaching product of great value for profit-minded and non-profit organizations alike, worldwide. The Integrative Enneagram Questionnaire and reports make the Enneagram wisdom simple to understand and practical to use for anyone with an eye on achieving concrete goals. The system also provides a wealth of information that is not available elsewhere. It has enhanced my coaching practice.
CATHERINE CRUVEILLIER Leadership Coach, Washington DC
My fascination and curiosity regarding the Enneagram turned into deep respect and appreciation for its unique and comprehensive approach in understanding self and others and using a clear and non-judgmental lens. The training offered by Integrative Enneagram Solutions was one of the best I have ever encountered and their approach to ensure a thorough understanding and personal growth to each and every attendee added tremendous value. In combining the Enneagram into my coaching sessions, my coachees now enjoy a qualitative analysis on their respective Enneagram types and the report received from Integrative Solutions is indeed a roadmap for continuous growth and development.
LYNETTE COETZEE Integral Coach, Johannesburg