Integrative team Reports

Teams are fundamental to performance in most organizations today, and yet remain difficult to understand, align and develop. Teamwork and collaboration challenge our organizations and individual employees, requiring greater awareness of themselves and how they engage with others in teams.

Supporting a full team journey

The Integrative Enneagram Team Report reflects insights and data to support teams in a shared journey of discovery and improvement. Whether they are familiar with the Enneagram or new to the framework, this report offers a springboard for growing interpersonal and team awareness, tapping into team gifts at a deep level and, ultimately, enabling teams to express their purpose and potential fully.

From conflict to collaboration

A great deal of the conflict and friction experienced in teams is a result of misunderstandings or a lack of awareness and effective team processes. The Team Enneagram Report highlights potential areas of friction in the team and the underlying patterns or assumptions. The report helps teams understand their social and conflict styles and develop processes to harness healthy conflict as a driver of performance, not a barrier.

Unique, customised development tips

Teams aren’t born great, but evolve to high-performance through a set of development stages as they negotiate shared values, priorities and ways of working. Over time, they form a unique team style, a set of collective values, norms and beliefs that give the team a distinctive ‘character’ and guide how members see their purpose, roles and relationships. Not all great teams are the same – each must develop a unique contract and effective ways of working together that harness the gifts of their team, and the Enneagram supports this.

Build trust

Working with your Enneagram as a team offers opportunities to build deeper levels of psychological safety and trust, enabling a higher quality of collaboration, collective learning and ultimately, performance. Depending on your current team issues and development priorities, different growth paths within the Enneagram may be more or less helpful.

Harness diversity

Highly effective teams are made up of individuals with strong self-awareness, who understand and relate to co-workers, have an understanding of group and team dynamics and know how to harness their diverse gifts and strengths. The Enneagram Team Report invites the team to value and support the unique contribution of each member. The Enneagram develops compassion for the individuals in a team and offers insight and practical tips on working with different types.

Create sustainable change

Great team development focuses not only on addressing and changing the current stage challenges of the team, but also aims to deepen the team’s understanding of themselves and their dynamics, enabling and empowering them to engage in better problem-solving over time. The Team Report encourages teams to explore the ‘why’ behind behaviours or resistance, allowing for deep, intentional and sustainable changes.

Team Report [20 PAGES]
This report scales the insight and development process to the team level. It adds value to the health and effectiveness of teams working together in an organisational setting.

The report includes:

  • Team centres of expression
  • Enneagram team style and values
  • Enneagram style impact on relationships
  • Planning, tasks and preferred goals
  • Unhealthy team behaviours
  • Development stages
  • Secondary style influences
  • Underdeveloped styles
  • Collective strain profile
  • Harmonics & Hornevians
  • Team instincts
  • Leadership
  • Dynamics between the team and leader