Communication Styles of the Nine Types
Donna Glanvill, Integrative Enneagram Solutions

Do you ever feel that someone isn’t ‘getting’ what you’re saying? By understanding how different Enneagram Types communicate, we can bridge the communication gap and learn to communicate more effectively in our relationships, teams, and organisations.

Can you change your personality?
Megan Biffi

Does your personality stay the same throughout your lifetime? Yes and no. While it’s not generally possible to change your core personality, learning how to access and ‘borrow’ positive traits from other personality types can add balance and depth to life.

What’s so Motivating about ‘Motivation’?
Megan Biffi

Motivation energises us, activates us and guides our behaviour towards a goal or specific need. But what motivates me doesn’t necessarily motivate you. The Enneagram highlights the unique motivators that you can use to engage different people.

Setting New Recruits up for Success: Organisational Onboarding using the Enneagram
Kyra Wainstein, Integrative Enneagram Solutions

Onboarding has been reimagined, using an Enneagram perspective. With reference to how Enneagram type and instinct can flavour onboarding, this article gives recommendations for how to design an onboarding with the Enneagram in mind.

Mindfulness with the Enneagram Centers of Intelligence Part 2
Anna-Rosa le Roux, Integrative Enneagram Solutions

Explores the link between mindfulness and the Enneagram through working with the Centers of Intelligence. Mindful presence is revisited, evidence for the Centers of intelligence is given and how to work with each Center is detailed. Finally, some tips are given to practice a mindful presence.

The Spiritual Enneagram Journey
Megan Biffi, Integrative Enneagram Solutions

There is increasing interest in the Enneagram as a spritiual journey, through authors such as Ian Cron, and due to the history of the Enneagram having spiritual roots. The Enneagram offers a personal path toward spiritual growth.

The Enneagram of Holy Ideas
Donna Glanvill, Integrative Enneagram Solutions

The Enneagram has its roots in a deeply spiritual journey, and each Type can find the antidote to their limiting fixation in their Holy Idea. These aspirational ideas invite us to access our higher selves, offering a deeper journey through the Enneagram framework.

Developing leadership for the 9 Enneagram Types
Integrative Enneagram Solutions

In a complex world, we need the unique gifts of diverse leaders to safely navigate the future. Here we illustrate how each of the Enneagram Types can develop their blind spots and balance their leadership gifts in ways that bring out the very best of their personal style.

The Enneagram in Romantic Relationships
Megan Biffi, Integrative Enneagram Solutions

In this first of a series of articles about the Enneagram in relationships, we take a look at how valuable this tool is in understand ourselves, our partners and our romantic relationships. Discover a new path to building trust, compassion, and understanding in your love life.

Career Choices and the Enneagram
Kyra Ward

One of the most significant moments in one’s adult life is choosing a career. Unfortunately for most, the guidance we receive is faulty and limited at best. With the Enneagram as a guiding force, we open the world of possibilities that each of us actually possesses when it comes to finding a career.

Too much of a good thing – managing your strengths with the Enneagram
Megan Biffi

When we are naturally good at something, we tend to want to do it as much as possible. When it comes to the strengths of our Enneagram Type, we can overuse these strengths to the point that they become weaknesses. The secret is to find balance.

Enneagram Case Study: Pathway Vet Alliance
Kyra Ward and Diane Ring

When a company experiences rapid growth, the result can either be chaos or a thoughtfully constructed plan for success. Read on to find out how the Enneagram played a crucial role in building a strong leadership team that is taking a U.S. company to even greater success.

Tradition vs Technology in Typing
Megan Biffi

As the Enneagram continues to gain momentum and popularity as a framework that unlocks the keys to a better version of oneself, some people turn to Typing experts who use traditional narrative techniques, while others use the power of technology to determine their Type. At Integrative Enneagram Solutions, we believe that the best results come from a combination of iEQ9 technology with a deep, open-minded coaching relationship.

Enneagram and Work Part 1: The Leader as Coach
Kyra Ward

Leaders must drive results through others, not through coercion or force but through coaching. For many this is unfamiliar territory and anxiety provoking. The Enneagram has much to offer leaders looking for a way to perform this coaching role effectively

Finding Harmony in Diverse Teams
Kyra Ward

Diversity, dissent, and productive conflict are the key ingredients for harmony in teams. Whilst this assertion seems counterintuitive, exploring the realities of teaming as well as insights from the Enneagram, we find a unique and important approach to team productivity and cohesion – build harmony in teams!

Mindfulness and the Enneagram Part 1
Anna-Rosa Le Roux

Mindfulness is much more than a buzzword – underpinned by ancient practices such as meditation and breathing, mindfulness has been rediscovered and is proving useful in fighting stress in our everyday lives, our working environment and in conjunction with the Enneagram, it can help clients to see their true self.

Neuroscience and The Enneagram Part 3
Anna-Rosa le Roux

Early theorists in the Enneagram tradition argued for the existence of three centers, and spoke about the ‘intelligence’ and ‘mindfulness’ of these centers. Now, neuroscience has proven that we have not one, but three brains. When we make the links between the Enneagram and these advances in neuroscience, a whole new field of insight opens up.

Authenticity and the Enneagram
Donna Glanvill

What does it mean to be truly authentic, while still aspiring to grow into a more integrated, better version of ourselves? What are the challenges and opportunities that each Type faces on the powerful journey back to self that is offered by the Enneagram?

Performance Management and the Enneagram in the new world of work
Anna-Rosa le Roux

Performance management has undergone a transformation towards valuing more inclusive approaches, emphasising trust, relationship, coaching conversations, and regular feedback. This article outlines how the different Enneagram leadership types are showing up in this environment and how they can best engage in performance conversations with their teams.

Nature, Nurture and Childhood Personality
Donna Glanvill

Where does our Enneagram Type come from? How early in our development is it formed? The answers lie in childhood, but for some people, this feels like dangerous territory to explore. How can we explore why we are who we are, with compassion?

A Homage to Sleeping at Last
Lindsay Cook

For aeons, the psychological, physiological and emotional benefits of music have been widely recognised by psychologists and healers across different cultures and professions. Now a renowned musician and artist has created powerful, compassionate songs for each Enneagram type.

Neuroscience and the Enneagram Part 1: The Link Between Neuroscience and Coaching
Kyra Ward

Neuroscience confirms what ancient wisdom (the Enneagram) knew all along: intelligence does not only reside in the brain; every cell in the body is neurologically interconnected. Only by tapping into ourselves as a complete system can we fully understand what informs our behaviour.

Neuroscience and the Enneagram Part 2: The Three Functions of the Brain
Kyra Ward

Neuroscience confirms what ancient wisdom (the Enneagram) knew all along: intelligence does not only reside in the brain; every cell in the body is neurologically interconnected. Only by tapping into ourselves as a complete system can we fully understand what informs our behaviour.

Testing the iEQ9 Reliability and Validity
Donna Glanvill

How accurate is the iEQ9? The iEQ9 questionnaire offers coaches and clients a deep, revealing profile of a complex personality, offering unprecedented insight into their Enneagram profile. Our most recent research study validates the accuracy and reliability of the instrument.

The Enneagram: A Coaching Power Tool
Donna Glanvill

The Enneagram is an ancient framework that has been enriched over time and proven and supported by the latest research. The framework aligns to and includes a range of diverse coaching approaches and methodologies... perhaps including yours!

The Nine Points of View
Donna Glanvill

Ever wonder how eyewitness accounts of an event can be so different from one another? We all see things differently, interpret them differently, and react to them differently, in part because of our Enneagram Type. How would you interpret and react to an emergency?

Finding Compassion for the Types
Megan Biffi

The Dalai Lama teaches us that real happiness starts with being compassionate with ourselves and others. The Enneagram shows us the parts of ourselves that need real compassion.

Myth-busting the Enneagram Types
By Kyra Ward

Without anyone overseeing the integrity of the Enneagram, myths and obscure interpretations easily become a reality. In this article, we go on a myth-busting exercise to dispel common and sometimes harmful Enneagram Type stereotypes.

The Golden Rule versus The Platinum Rule
By Megan Biffi

The Golden Rule, “Treat others as YOU would like to be treated”, might not be the best rule to live by. The Platinum Rule, “Treat others as THEY would like to be treated”, may be the better option. Beyond that, there’s the Titanium Rule…

Using the Enneagram to Make Your Organisation Future-fit
By Anna-Rosa le Roux

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is challenging organisations and the individuals who comprise them to change and adapt faster than ever. The Enneagram is a powerful catalyst for change, enabling shifts in consciousness and deep transformation and allowing organisations to plan and implement strategies to future-fit their business.

Unlocking Your Power for Change
By Donna Glanvill

Why do we find it so difficult to change, even when we say that we want to? Why do some people find it impossible to break a habit, even when they know it might kill them? How can the Enneagram help unlock our ability to change?

Change your Story – Change your Life
By Anna-Rosa Le Roux

We each have a story about how the world is and what kind of person we need to be. Using the nuanced and illuminating Enneagram framework, we can see our stories more clearly; we can begin exploring alternatives and escape our limitations.

The Enneagram and Organisational Wellness
By Anna-Rosa le Roux

Corporates are becoming increasingly aware of the negative impact of stress – not only on employees’ productivity, long-term health, and engagement – but also on organisations’ ability to thrive in a competitive world. Here is a look at how the Enneagram can help.

Help! My Client Has Low Integration
By Donna Glanvill

A ‘Low Integration’ result makes many clients – and coaches - anxious and concerned. As a coach, what should you do? How should you explain this to your client? For starters, you can tell them that it could be very good news indeed!

Ready, Aim, Fire! Understanding Stacked Centers of Expression
By Donna Glanvill

Do you look before you leap or do you consider others’ feelings before taking action? We all have access to three Centers of Expression and when you integrate and align them, you gain an advantage in leadership, decision-making and execution, as well as in personal alignment and fulfilment.

The Enneagram in Learning and Development
By Megan Biffi

With the help of the Enneagram, learning and development initiatives can become more personalised by focusing on an individual’s preferred learning styles and ideal environment for learning and development. Through the knowledge of the Enneagram, greater self-awareness can be achieved and accelerate our learning journey.

Stretch and Release: Exercising on the Enneagram Lines
By Kyra Ward

The Lines of Stretch and Release offer a tremendous opportunity for personal growth and development by expanding our worldview and enabling us to move towards a more integrated and balanced set of patterns of behaviour. Walking the lines to find the ‘high side’ of these points can be truly eye-opening.

Gifting guide for the Enneagram Types
By Kyra Ward

The art of gift giving requires being mindful about the needs and wants of the recipients. Looking to their Enneagram Types might give you some inspiration, as you work your way through the gift options for those closest to you.

Resolutions that are true to your Type
By Megan Biffi

Most of us start the new year with a list of things we want to change about ourselves. Discover how the Enneagram can help you make resolutions you can keep by revealing who you really are, expanding your capacity for empathy and compassion, and helping you realise your true potential.


High ropes, white water rafting, trust falls and group social junkets… a negative perspective of ‘team building’ that may make staff roll their eyes and sigh when the latest team intervention is announced. The Enneagram offers a new avenue for team development that goes beyond one-off events...


Faking Good and Faking Bad are two dimensions of the iEQ9 Integration scale that provide insight and indicate common derailers for personal development. Learn more about these measures, why they might occur and how to interpret and coach them.

The Enneagram, Engagement and talent

A one-size-fits-all approach to engagement is a losing strategy in today’s complex world. Discover the new individual world of engagement, talent and development and a powerful tool to support your organisation in this journey…

Enneagram lookalikes

Within the Enneagram there are certain Types and Subtypes that are often referred to as lookalikes. This article explores the concept of Enneagram lookalikes and the ways in which the iEQ9 is able to address this challenge.

9 Types of Leader
By Anna-Rosa Le Roux

Now, more than ever, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to leadership. Leaders who are able to shift their thinking from “I need to be more like other leaders” to “I need to develop my own superpowers” are paving the way for transformational shifts in their leadership impact, influence and results.

The Centers: An Integrative Perspective
By Dirk Cloete

We would like to explore the centers through the lens of the fractal pattern that is structurally embedded in the Enneagram. We have observed three different yet equally valid ways of working with and interpreting the centers.

Mindfulness Practices for your Enneagram Type
By Casper Oelofsen

Mindfulness is a key development strategy for individuals and leaders in their quest to cope, thrive and compete in a fast-paced, agile world – and yet mindfulness practices, such as meditation, may not come easily to some of us! What practices can help each of the Enneagram Types.

Scaling the Enneagram from Individual to Team and Organisational Level
By Dirk Cloete

Can the Enneagram contribute to the resolution of complex and persistent organisation development challenges?