Wing 9
Nine (Core Type)

Nines are receptive and tend to easily understand and accept the perspectives and ideas of others. They are often facilitators or mediators and are diplomatic group members. They may struggle to connect to their own position or point of view and take firm, decisive action, and often say “yes” when they mean “no”. Nines enjoy the rhythm of their lives and find comfort in simple living. They often struggle with procrastination but once they begin, they persevere. A Nine under pressure may react in passive-aggressive ways to avoid being controlled.

At low levels of integration, Nines risk neglecting themselves and their responsibilities as they struggle with low self-esteem and repress anger to the point of living in illusion.

At high levels of integration, they can express independence and the paradoxical energies of serenity and vitality. They display self-respect, acting with awareness and autonomy.

Wing 8
Eight Wing
  • More active, focused and direct, the Eight wing invites the Nine to get in touch with their power, autonomy and authority
  • Balances the impulse to ‘merge’ with others, with a sense of individuality and uniqueness
  • May make the Nine more confident and influential
  • The Eight boldness subdues the Nine’s fear of attack when they speak up
  • The repressed anger of the Nine may be expressed explosively and aggressively
  • Unresolved issues with authority may come to the surface, often in rebellious or resistant ways
  • This wing may lead them to focus more intensely on the pursuit of pleasure, rather than genuine desires and the needs of their real self


As an Enneagram Type 9 with a Wing 8, you have the potential to access resources from both your core type and your adjacent types. Your Wing 8 flavour brings a more active, focused and direct approach to your typically peaceful and harmonious nature. It invites you to get in touch with your power, autonomy and authority, balancing your impulse to merge with others with a sense of individuality and uniqueness.

One challenge for Type 9 with Wing 8 is the potential for unresolved issues with authority to come to the surface, often in rebellious or resistant ways. Additionally, the repressed anger of the Type 9 may be expressed explosively and aggressively. It is important to be aware of these tendencies and work towards addressing them in a healthy way.

Another potential challenge for Type 9 with Wing 8 is the temptation to focus more on the pursuit of pleasure, rather than the genuine desires and needs of their real self. It is important to balance this desire for pleasure with a focus on personal growth and self-awareness.

By incorporating the resources and characteristics of your Wing 8 flavour, you can expand your perspective and increase your emotional and behavioral repertoire. This can help you better understand the subtleties of your core Type 9, and offer opportunities for personal growth and development.

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