Description for Enneagram Type 2 with a 1 Wing


Wing 2
Two (Core Type)

Twos want to be liked and will go to great lengths to meet the needs of others in a helpful, supportive and empathic way. They tend to be people-oriented and build relationships that provide the affirmation they need. As a result Twos tend to over-involve themselves in other people’s projects, lives and issues, at times uninvited and intrusively. Although Twos are giving and warm, they are also highly sensitive to not being appreciated and may become very angry.

At lower integration, Twos may be manipulative and blind to the destructiveness and neediness in their behaviour.

At the higher levels of integration, their altruism is unconditional and they are able to nurture themselves as well as others.

Wing 1
One Wing
  • The One’s moral discernment leads Twos to give to whoever is in need, not just their favourites
  • They align with objective standards and are less likely to bend rules
  • They are honest with themselves and firm up their boundaries
  • Instead of exploding, they can direct their emotions to improving things
  • May lead Twos to neglect themselves even more as they chase unrealistic ideals and higher expectations
  • Under pressure the Two’s feelings of hurt may lead to criticism and resentment
  • Risk of overworking for justice and concern for the underdog
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Using the Wings to Develop yourself

As a Type 2 Wing 1, your core traits are those of a Helper, but with an added touch of Perfectionism. The One's moral discernment leads you to give to whoever is in need, not just your favourites, and you align with objective standards, being less likely to bend rules. Additionally, you are honest with yourself and firm up your boundaries. Instead of exploding, you can direct your emotions towards improving things.

However, your Wing 1 may also bring its own set of challenges. Under pressure, your feelings of hurt may lead to criticism and resentment, and you may neglect yourself even more as you chase unrealistic ideals and higher expectations. There is also a risk of overworking for justice and concern for the underdog.

Understanding and using your Wing 1 can help you expand your perspective and increase your emotional and behavioural repertoire. It can also offer a way to understand the tension and influences on you when you are stuck and create the potential to reframe your dilemma as a development opportunity.

Remember, the wings are not a separate type of ice cream that you add to your core type; they are the flavour of the adjacent types that influence your core type. By embracing your Wing 1, you can develop yourself and gain a deeper understanding of your core Type 2 traits.

Photo Wings, Bird in Flight