Wing 7
Seven (Core Type)

Sevens seek variety, stimulation and fun in life, tackle challenges with optimism and are charming. Future-orientated, they engage in life by asking “what’s next?” They may seem impulsive, distracted, hedonistic, insensitive or irresponsible to others. They are inspirational team members, enhancing creativity, energy and optimism in the team.

At lower levels of integration, the Seven’s excess is likely to catch up with them. While they may be unhappy they choose to not recognise this, hiding in escapism, hyperactivity and the impulsive pursuit of pleasure.

At higher levels, they stay present to their experiences, finding joy within rather than in escapist activities.

Wing 6
Six Wing
  • Increases commitment to a chosen course of action, exploring things deeper
  • Invites the Seven to ally with a limited number of people, grounding their desire for unlimited freedom
  • More seriousness and inhibition as a sense of risk balances their blind optimism
  • Staying present in the here and now to work and connect
  • Exaggerate underlying fears and become more flighty
  • Self-doubt and worsens ability of planning and doing
  • Feeling guilty when they are irresponsible and may feel obliged rather than freed
  • Duty becomes a burden


As a Type Seven with a Wing Six, you have access to the characteristics of both Type Seven and Type Six. The Wing Six brings out the commitment and loyalty in you, encouraging you to explore things more deeply and to ally with a limited number of people, which grounds your desire for unlimited freedom. You become more serious and responsible, balancing your blind optimism with a sense of risk and inhibition. By accessing your Wing Six, you can develop a more focused and disciplined approach to life, and be more present in the here and now to work and connect with others.

However, there are also challenges associated with this Wing. You may exaggerate underlying fears and become more flighty, which can undermine your confidence and sense of purpose. Self-doubt may worsen your ability to plan and take action, leading to indecisiveness and procrastination. You may also feel guilty when you are irresponsible and may feel obliged rather than freed by your commitments, and duty may become a burden rather than a source of fulfillment. Therefore, it's important to balance the positive and negative aspects of your Wing Six, and to cultivate self-awareness and confidence in your abilities.

Remember, the wings are not a separate type of personality, but rather a complementary aspect of your core type. By understanding and embracing your Wing Six, you can expand your emotional and behavioural repertoire, and become a more well-rounded and integrated individual.

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