Description for Enneagram Type 5 with a 4 Wing


Wing 5
Five (Core Type)

Fives are private individuals who live in an active mental space. They enjoy observing and exploring how the world works. They struggle to share thoughts and feelings and may seem socially awkward or disinterested. They tend to compartmentalize their lives and emotions.

At lower levels of integration, Fives may be antagonistic towards the world, withdrawn into isolation and cut off in an extreme way, aggressively defending their isolation.

At higher levels of integration, they are able to transcend rational thought to reveal objective reality. As intellectual pioneers they are at peace in the world, and bring their gift of wisdom unselfconsciously and perceptively.

Wing 4
Four Wing
  • Thoughts connect to feelings to create energy and expression
  • Balance observing with passionate interest and involvement of life
  • Connect more deeply in intimate relationships
  • Connect right and left brain, intuition and analytical ability
  • Accentuate the inner sense of being different and misunderstood, may be moody and depressed
  • Can withdraw even further into mental fantasies
  • Avoid confrontation by using symbolism to communicate, ‘performing’ instead of engaging
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Using the Wings to Develop yourself

As an Enneagram Type 5 wing 4, you have the ability to connect your thoughts with your feelings to create a unique expression of energy. By balancing your natural tendency to observe and analyze with a passionate interest and involvement in life, you can further develop your emotional and interpersonal skills. Connecting more deeply in intimate relationships and utilizing both your intuition and analytical ability can help you expand your emotional and behavioral repertoire.

However, as an Enneagram Type 5 wing 4, you may also face some challenges. You may feel different and misunderstood, which can lead to moodiness and depression. In difficult situations, you may retreat even further into your mental fantasies. Additionally, you may avoid confrontation by using symbolism to communicate or 'performing' instead of engaging. Recognizing these challenges can help you identify potential areas for growth and development.

By understanding and embracing both your Type 5 and wing 4 qualities, you can expand your perspective and increase your emotional and behavioral flexibility. The wings offer a way to understand the tension and influences on an individual when they are stuck and can provide a potential path for personal development. Remember, the wing is like a sauce, adding flavor and resources to your core type, but it doesn't change the essence of who you are as an Enneagram Type 5.

Photo Wings, Bird in Flight