Description for Enneagram Type 3 with a 4 Wing


Wing 3
Three (Core Type)

Threes are competitive “doers” and tend to be practical, task-oriented and willing to make sacrifices to achieve their goals. They usually show strong “A-Type” behavioural tendencies, focusing their energy on winning and appearing successful. They tend to project a polished persona or image, which they adapt to fit the requirements of success in a given situation.

At lower levels of integration, workaholic Threes may overextend themselves and resort to deception or extreme expediency to maintain their winning image.

At higher levels, they connect to a strong sense of who they are, moving towards compassionate self-acceptance, authentic influence and a strong connection between heart and hands.

Wing 4
Four Wing
  • To value the inner journey of self-development as well as making the world more efficient
  • The Four influence invites Threes to be authentic and true to themselves, tuning into their inner voice
  • They value relationships as mutual exchanges, not just utilitarian or to get things done
  • This wing brings insight and sensitivity to the moods of others
  • A Four wing brings introversion and distance, making the Three more moody and reflective
  • Unused to their inner self, they may feel awkward, leading to exaggerated feelings of superiority
  • While they value success, they also desire what is missing and may jump into intense and short-lived relationships to help them feel good
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Using the Wings to Develop yourself

As an Enneagram Type 3, your Wing 4 adds a flavour of introversion and emotional depth to your personality. It invites you to connect with your inner voice and values, in addition to your drive for success and efficiency. When you tap into your Wing 4, you develop the ability to balance your outward focus with an inward reflection, leading to a more authentic and fulfilling life.

One of the gifts of Wing 4 is the capacity to perceive and respond to the emotional needs of others. Your sensitivity and insight can help you build deeper and more meaningful relationships, rather than seeing them as mere utilitarian exchanges. However, be aware that relying too much on your Wing 4 can lead to exaggerated feelings of superiority or a tendency towards intense, short-lived relationships as a way to fill a sense of missing or inadequacy.

To use your Wing 4 to develop yourself, try to cultivate a regular practice of introspection and self-reflection. Connect with your emotions, values, and innermost desires, and allow them to guide you towards a more authentic expression of yourself. At the same time, balance your drive for success with a deeper sense of purpose and meaning, rather than simply chasing external validation.

Remember that your Wing 4 is just a sauce to your core Type 3, and that you have access to both your wings. By integrating the resources and characteristics of your Wing 4, you can expand your perspective, increase your emotional and behavioural repertoire, and create opportunities for growth and development.

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