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One (Core Type)

Ones are about improvement and making sure things get done correctly and properly, both by themselves and others. They tend to be principled, with a clear sense of what is right and wrong, which may seem idealistic, self-righteous or fussy to others. They tend to organise and structure their world and value facts, precision and clarity. Through their effort, hard work and application they strive to take “right action” and avoid mistakes.

At lower levels of integration, the One can be inflexible, rigid, dogmatic and intolerant. They don’t include themselves in their criticism and judgements.

At high levels of integration, the One is tolerant, realistic in their evaluations of themselves and others.

Wing 9
Nine Wing
  • Their intense need and drive to correct and improve is toned down
  • The Nine invites Ones to be more relaxed, trusting and accepting of others
  • Willingness to surrender to the natural unfolding of events
  • Able to hold more viewpoints and be more collaborative than the One
  • May make Ones less resourceful or prone to putting off important tasks
  • They may neglect things which are important but difficult
  • Influences Ones to focus less on themselves and more on what needs to be done, which may lead to self-neglect


As a Type 1 with a Wing 9, you have a unique set of resources and characteristics that can help you develop yourself. Your Wing 9 brings a more relaxed, trusting and accepting approach to your strong need to correct and improve. This can help you tone down the intensity of your drive and allow you to surrender to the natural unfolding of events. Your Wing 9 also invites you to be more collaborative and hold more viewpoints than a typical Type 1, which can be helpful in working with others.

However, there are also challenges that come with having a Wing 9. You may be more prone to putting off important tasks or neglecting things that are difficult. Additionally, your Wing 9 may influence you to focus less on yourself and more on what needs to be done, which could lead to self-neglect. It is important to be aware of these potential pitfalls and actively work to address them.

By embracing and balancing your Wing 9, you can expand your perspective and increase your emotional and behavioural repertoire. This can help you become a more well-rounded and effective Type 1, while also deepening your understanding of the subtleties of your core type. Remember, your Wing 9 is not a separate type, but a flavour that adds richness and depth to your overall Enneagram profile.

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