Description for Enneagram Type 5 with a 6 Wing


Wing 5
Five (Core Type)

Fives are private individuals who live in an active mental space. They enjoy observing and exploring how the world works. They struggle to share thoughts and feelings and may seem socially awkward or disinterested. They tend to compartmentalize their lives and emotions.

At lower levels of integration, Fives may be antagonistic towards the world, withdrawn into isolation and cut off in an extreme way, aggressively defending their isolation.

At higher levels of integration, they are able to transcend rational thought to reveal objective reality. As intellectual pioneers they are at peace in the world, and bring their gift of wisdom unselfconsciously and perceptively.

Wing 6
Six Wing
  • Enhanced ability to weigh the evidence, take and defend a position or point of view
  • More faith in themselves and others enables commitment to people and causes
  • Connect more deeply with groups or teams
  • Tap into the courage of the Six to be more assertive
  • Mistrust or scepticism of others may move them to the side-lines or make them withdraw even more
  • Anger manifests in hidden suspicious thinking, unexpressed
  • Hesitant to get involved because of indecision and fear of upsetting authority
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Using the Wings to Develop yourself

As an Enneagram Type 5 with a Wing 6, you have access to a unique set of resources and characteristics that can help you grow and develop. The Type 6 wing adds flavour and nuance to your core type, helping you expand your perspective and emotional range.

One of the gifts of the 5w6 is an enhanced ability to weigh the evidence and take a position, while also being able to connect more deeply with groups or teams. This wing can help you tap into the courage of the Six to be more assertive and committed to people and causes. Additionally, with a stronger faith in themselves and others, individuals with a 5w6 wing can overcome their natural scepticism and mistrust of others, enabling them to participate more fully in their communities.

However, the 5w6 wing also presents challenges, such as hidden anger and suspicious thinking that can cause individuals to withdraw from others. The fear of upsetting authority can make individuals hesitant to get involved and indecisive when it comes to taking action.

Remember, the wings are not a separate type, but rather an additional flavour that complements your core type. By exploring the resources and characteristics of your wing, you can expand your self-awareness and increase your ability to navigate different situations with confidence and grace.

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