Wing 4
Four (Core Type)

Fours never accept anything at face value and constantly search for meaning, depth and authenticity. They are sensitive at an emotional and an aesthetic level, and express themselves in individualistic ways. Their sensitivity means they are attuned to their environment, specifically to darker emotions.

At lower levels of integration, Fours seem emotionally tormented, self-indulgent and angry at themselves and depressed, with an over-emphasis on what is lacking in their lives. They feel that everyone has let them down, and may extract themselves from groups and society.

At higher levels, Fours are in touch with their inner voice but able to put a healthy distance between their identity and their emotions.

Wing 5
Five Wing
  • Balances intuition and subjective impressions with reason, logic and objective observation
  • The Five influences them to look at things objectively and take things less personally
  • This brings a balance of attachment and detachment, and emotional control
  • As thinking connects with feeling, the Four tends to become less impulsive and more restrained
  • Might have a tendency to over-intellectualize to the Three’s over-dramatisation, getting lost in themselves even more   
  • They may feel marginalised and alien and struggle to connect with others
  • Withdrawing and dissociating pushes them further into the fringes of society
  • They isolate themselves when depressed, hiding feelings from others


As an Enneagram Type 4 with a 5 wing, your closest neighbours are Type 5 and Type 3. Your wing 5 influences you to balance your intuition and subjective impressions with reason, logic, and objective observation. This helps you to take things less personally and look at things more objectively. By incorporating the strengths of your wing 5, you are able to find a balance between attachment and detachment, and emotional control. This can lead to less impulsive behavior and increased restraint.

However, one challenge of being a Type 4 wing 5 is over-intellectualization, which can lead to getting lost in your own thoughts and feelings. It is important to recognize when you are overthinking and use your 5 wing's logic to bring you back to a balanced perspective. Additionally, you may struggle to connect with others and feel marginalized or alienated. Your tendency to withdraw and dissociate can push you further into the fringes of society and isolate you when you are depressed. It is important to recognize these tendencies and actively work on connecting with others and sharing your feelings.

By leaning into your Type 5 wing, you can expand your perspective and increase your emotional and behavioral repertoire. Use your wing 5's analytical skills to objectively evaluate your thoughts and feelings and to gain a more balanced perspective. Additionally, recognizing the influence of your wing 3 can help you to focus on your goals and achievements, while still staying true to your core Type 4 identity.

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