18 Jan

The Centres: An Integrative Perspective

By Dirk Cloete We would like to explore the centres through the lens of the fractal pattern that is structurally embedded in the Enneagram. We have observed three different yet equally valid ways of working with and interpreting the centres.
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24 Jan

Mindfulness Practices for your Enneagram Type

By Casper Oelofsen Mindfulness is a key development strategy for individuals and leaders in their quest to cope, thrive and compete in a fast-paced, agile world – and yet mindfulness practices, such as meditation, may not come easily to some of us! What practices can help each of the Enneagram Types.
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2 Feb

Scaling the Enneagram from Individual to Team and Organizational level

By Dirk Cloete Can the Enneagram contribute to the resolution of complex and persistent organisation development challenges?
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