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Find the strongest expression of your leadership style

The Enneagram has proven to be one of the most powerful tools for leadership development. Whether you run your own business or play a key role in the corporate world, the Integrative Enneagram will equip you with the self-knowledge and tools to enhance your leadership skills and maximise your leadership potential.

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Hone your leadership skills.

Leverage your authentic leadership style with the iEQ9 Professional Enneagram Report

iEQ9 goes beyond traditional, limited ideas about leadership; rather providing personal maps to self-awareness and growth. Identify and enhance your strengths by means of a unique development path.

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Improve your career effectiveness and ability to work well with others.

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Find the strongest expression of your own unique leadership style

Hone your leadership skills

The Enneagram encompasses nine diverse archetypes of leadership rather than a single style or assumption of what good leadership looks like. It is more than a profile of traits and behaviours, as it delves deeper into the motivations, defences and fears that lie in the often-unconscious area of our personality.

One-size-fits-all is not our approach to leadership—rather, we encourage and support leaders to find their strongest possible expression of their own unique leadership style.

Find the strongest expression of your own unique leadership style
95 percent accurate

The world's best Enneagram test.

13 years of continuous research and development has resulted in the most scientifically accurate and technically robust personality typing tool on the market.

Using an adaptive, intelligent questionnaire that integrates the art and science of self-discovery and transformation—we go beyond the traditional ideas about leadership. Through a comprehensive analysis of your personality and ingrained behaviours, iEQ9 provides valuable insights and allows you to gain greater leadership awareness. And it works—the iEQ9 Assessment has a proven 95% accuracy rate.

iEQ9 Professional Report

More than simply a personality tool: it’s a model for development.

Our assessment doesn’t just stop at revealing your personality type: completing your questionnaire unlocks an in-depth report specifically tailored to you, along with resources and tools for leadership growth and development, access to personalised coaching, and ongoing support to help you on your journey toward self-improvement.

iEQ9 Professional Report

The Integrative Enneagram enables you to identify and resolve issues such as:

icon checkmark Emotional, psychological and interpersonal effectiveness
icon checkmark Professional Development Roadmap and guide to Self-Mastery
icon checkmark Productivity losses as a result of team conflict
icon checkmark Leadership maturity, impact and effectiveness
icon checkmark Resistance to change, resilience and change readiness
icon checkmark Decision making
icon checkmark Career development and transitions
icon checkmark Communication and influencing skills
A new type of leadership for a new type of world

A new type of leadership for a new type of world

Today’s business world places ever greater demand on leaders to be emotionally intelligent, self-aware and adaptable. Building effective teams requires leaders to continually inspire, motivate and empower their people.

The iEQ9 test and reports pave the path for managers, leaders, and coaches with an amazing set of tools to effectively manage and understand their teams.

Improve your bottom line by enhancing resilience, teamwork, communication, integrity, and productivity.

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Know yourself in a way you never have before.

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Enneagram Professional

USD 120

Enneagram test, 42 page personality profile

How does your unique profile affect you in the workplace and how can you be more effective?

Your personalised Professional Report explores themes like Communication, Leadership and Teamwork and is widely used in business and corporate environments.

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  • Core Enneagram Types
    Do you want to get to know yourself better? Identifying your Enneagram Type will help you understand your unique thinking, feeling, and acting patterns. Working with your Type empowers you to take responsibility for your behaviours and growth through a greater understanding of why you act and react the way you do.
  • Motivation, Behaviour, Psychodynamics
    Much more than just a personality profile that tells us how we might behave, the Enneagram highlights the underlying motivations, defence mechanisms, and fears buried in the unconscious layers of the psyche. The Enneagram unlocks potential and change from a deeper level that connects to personal values by enabling us to understand the motivational patterns that drive us.
  • Blindspots, Strengths and Challenges
    Discover your natural strengths which arise from your internal worldview or perspective. This section helps you tap into and appreciate your Enneagram Type's strengths and positive aspects. When harnessed healthily and balanced, these strengths will support your well-being, goals and relationships. No development journey should ignore weaknesses.
  • Centers of Expression
    The Centers of Expression relate to how we show up in the world and how we are likely to be perceived by others. There are three Centers of Expression: Thinking, Feeling and Acting. Exploring the Centers helps you to understand how you process external stimuli, make decisions, and express yourself in relationships. This section identifies your dominant Center and those less prominently expressed, illuminating your primary life strategies.
  • Triadic Center Styles
    There is a particular way in which you engage with your feelings, actions and thoughts, which is flavoured by your Enneagram Profile. You may be most aware of this when you are triggered, confused or when you realise that your gut says one thing, your head another, and your heart something else. The combination of these three gives your personality a different way of expression. Observing and becoming aware of each Center's energy flow can benefit your development and growth.
  • 27 Subtypes
    When your dominant Instinct merges with your core Enneagram Type, the two together is known as your Subtype. Subtypes sheds light on why people with the same Enneagram Type, can behave in different ways. Grasping your Subtype can create an instrumental, detailed and nuanced description of your personality and offers meaningful shifts and targeted development paths.
  • Wing-Influence
    Wing Influence refers to the Enneagram Types adjacent to your core Type, known as your "Wings". While you typically engage both Wings, one is often more dominant for most people. This section details how each Wing can shape your personality and behaviour.
  • Self-Awareness and Integration
    This section reveals your level of integration, indicating the degree to which you're living on 'autopilot' or in a state of self-awareness. For many people, discovering their Enneagram Type is a turning point, as they see for the first time how their Ego has been limiting them and how disconnected they may be from their true Essence. The path of Integrative with the Enneagram is a journey back to Essence, escaping the limitations of personality and connecting to a more unlimited, liberated self.
  • Strain Levels
    Your strain profile reflects your subjective sense of how much stress you experienced at a point in time across five domains:
    • Interpersonal Strain - Evaluating stress within your relationships.
    • Environmental Strain - Measuring stress induced by your environment.
    • Psychological Strain - Your current level of “mental health” stress.
    • Physical Strain - Gauging your physical health's stress levels.
    • Vocational Strain - Determining stress levels related to your work.
    • Happiness - A variable that’s often hard to determine.
  • Lines of Tension and Release
    The Enneagram is much more than nine points or a set of categories or Types. It is a rich, complex psychodynamic framework that provides a powerful model for understanding how people operate, develop and integrate. The Enneagram Lines offer rich potential for exploration and development, as they offer balance and fresh resources to a person’s core Type.
  • Communication
    The ability to communicate effectively is one of the critical competencies for professional success. Look at your listening habits, verbal communication style, non-verbal cues (body language) and written communication tendencies. Communication style includes your Meta-Message, the underlying message you may be communicating to others—a message people can notice from your tone, content, and intention.
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback
    Gain insight into your style of giving and receiving feedback—a critical link in the chain of professional performance improvement and effectiveness. It guides you on harnessing your strengths while conveying constructive information, alerts you about potential pitfalls to avoid and anticipates your reactions when faced with challenging messages from others.
  • Feedback Guide for all Types
    Everyone seeks effective methods to deliver "constructive criticism" to individuals distinct from us. This section furnishes you with tailored advice on your communication style, offering prompt guidelines to refine, adjust, and strategize your approach to providing feedback to people of known types.
  • Conflict and Triggers
    We all respond to conflict differently and have different triggers that induce conflict. By understanding your response to conflict and potential triggers, you can develop your unique conflict resolution strategies. Once you become aware of your unhelpful and destructive patterns, rather than reacting blindly to triggers, you can begin working towards a more grounded, intentional response to these situations.
  • Decision Making
    The report comprehensively analyses the interplay between your Center of Intelligence, Enneagram Type, and level of Strain. This synthesis provides nuanced insights into how these key aspects shape your ability to make decisions. It investigates your decision-making tendencies informed by your Enneagram traits and dominant Center of Expression, to help you better understand and optimise your decision-making strategies.
  • Leadership and Management
    The Strategic Leadership section delivers insights into your leadership style, exploring facets like vision development, strategic thinking, assessing group alignment with goals, and managing organisational change. Uncover your strengths and areas for growth as a leader.
  • Team Behaviour
    Your behaviour in a team is the basis of discovering your preferred role in the team, as well as what your impact is on your team’s achievements. This section examines how you function at the 4 Stages of Team maturity, your impact on the team, and your preferred goals and team role.
  • Coaching Relationships
    The Coaching Relationship section provides insights into your dynamics within a coaching context. Whether you have a business or life coach, or plan to engage one, this segment guides you towards enhancing these interactions.
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Enneagram Teams

Enneagram test, 23 page team report

The Team Enneagram Report scales insight and development process to the team level and highlights potential areas of friction, as well as underlying patterns or assumptions.

It helps Teams to understand their social and conflict styles, whilst suggesting development processes that harness healthy conflict as a driver of performance, rather than as a barrier.

Book Team Workshop What is included?
  • Team Enneagram Profile
    Your team’s Enneagram Profile reflects the distribution of Types in your team, as well as assessing your team’s ability to access all nine Types when needed. High-performance depends on the ability to use the advantage of diversity.
  • Primary Team Style
    A team as a whole develops a specific style based on the individuals who operate within the team. Uncover the strengths, weaknesses and perspectives your collective team resonates with.
  • Secondary and Under-Developed Team Styles
    By understanding which Type your whole team resonates with, it is also important to investigate which Types your team is less connected to and how you would benefit from accessing these new perspectives.
  • Team Centers of Expression
    The Centers of Expression relate to how we show up in the world and how we are likely to be perceived by others. There are three Centers of Expression: Thinking, Feeling and Acting. Exploring the Centers helps you to understand how your team processes external stimuli and make decisions. Delve into your team’s dominant Center and those less prominently expressed, illuminating your primary business strategies.
  • Team Development Stages
    Everybody needs their own way of growing, your team is no different. By incorporating your team’s perspective you can discover unique strategies on how you can develop individually and collectively.
  • Team Strain Profile
    Your team’s strain profile reflects their subjective sense of how much stress they experience at a point in t ime across five domains:
    • Interpersonal Strain— - valuating stress within your relationships.
    • Environmental Strain - Measuring stress induced by your environment.
    • Psychological Strain - Your current level of “mental health” stress.
    • Physical Strain - Gauging your physical health's stress levels.
    • Vocational Strain - Determining stress levels related to your work.
    • Happiness - A variable that’s often hard to determine.
  • Team Instincts
    Your team’s core Enneagram type and an original combination of the three instincts—Self-Preservation, One-to-one and Social—allows the iEQ9 report to articulate a meaningful understanding of your team’s fundamental structure.
  • Team Interaction and Conflict Styles
    Analysing team interaction on an individual level, allows for a big-picture grasp on your Team’s conflict style, and provides the key to harnessing healthy conflict as a driver of performance, rather than as a barrier.
  • Team Leader Enneagram Style
    By comparing the Team Leader’s core Enneagram Type with the Team's, the intertwined dynamics of this distinctive combination become clear, allowing for future strategies to be built.

Answering our 175-question assessment will take you about 30 minutes—take the first step toward discovering your leadership greatness and start your iEQ9 Enneagram personality assessment today! You'll be glad you did.

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Kristi Russell Thumbnail
The iEQ9 as a tool for development is quite profound in terms of getting to the heart of what drives and motivates us. Suddenly so many things make sense, which is confronting and affirming all at once. I haven't come across anything else like it in my 15 years of coaching. I'd recommend the use of the IEQ9 to anyone serious about personal and professional development. No competition really!
Kristi Russell Executive Coach, Melbourne, Australia
Chris Galea Thumbnail
An absolute must-take course for all coaches in the Leadership space. I have taken many coaching courses and this ranks #1. Inspiring, motivating, compelling all leading to deep learning. A perfect blend of theory and practice held with care, compassion, understanding and great sensitivity, it managed to address the enormous breadth and depth of the topic perfectly
Chris Galea Executive & Leadership Coach, Singapore
Mark Leyba Thumbnail
The Enneagram goes beyond just being a personality assessment. It gets to the heart of what makes people “tick”. It has shown me more about myself than any other tool. I honestly have to say that the Enneagram is the most comprehensive, in-depth tool I’ve ever used and the iEQ9 is the best Enneagram assessment available. At Jefferson County, we use it professionally with our Leadership Development programs.
Mark Leyba Organisational Readiness Manager, Denver, USA

Curious about the nine Enneagram personality types?

Discovering your Enneagram Type can be the key to unlocking your true leadership style. By revealing your strengths, weaknesses, and motivations, the nine Types model can give way to greater leadership awareness, and understanding of how you function with the people that you interact with.

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Enneagram Type Wheel
Enneagram Type 1 Enneagram Type 2 Enneagram Type 3 Enneagram Type 4 Enneagram Type 5 Enneagram Type 6 Enneagram Type 7 Enneagram Type 8 Enneagram Type 9
icon arrow Click a number to see it's personality description
seeks a world that is structured. Valuing facts, precision and clarity, they avoid mistakes and strive for improvement.
wants to be helpful and supportive. They are warm, giving, people-oriented, and have big hearts, sensing when others are struggling.
Competitive Achiever is a 'doer'. They tend to be practical, success-oriented and task-driven. They make effective plans to reach their goals and success.
Intense Creative searches for meaning, depth and authenticity. They are emotionally sensitive, attuned to their environment, and a creative, expressive individual.
Quiet Specialist is a logical thinker, observing and exploring how the world works. A private individual who values knowledge.
Loyal Skeptic values trust, responsibility and loyalty. Their need to feel safe means they easily tune into potential danger and think in sceptical ways.
Enthusiastic Visionary Fast-minded futurist. They want to experience all the good in life, lighten up the mood and move things forward.
likes to lead and move obstacles out of the way. They are guarded but caring and protective of those around them.
Adaptive Peacemaker is the glue between people with their friendly, grounding and stable demeanour. They struggle to say no, and often avoid conflict.

We've helped over
450 000 people around the globe to
develop their true potential

Helping more than 450 000 people around the globe Helping more than 450 000 people around the globe

Empowering Leaders for the Future
In our rapidly evolving 21st-century organisations, we place significant expectations on our leaders. They are tasked with driving strategic clarity, fostering individual growth, leading change, enhancing engagement, and championing diversity and inclusion. The key to achieving these is rooted in the leader's self-awareness and capacity for transformation.

Our clients consistently report that the iEQ9 program stimulates real breakthroughs by honing self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and fostering continuous growth anchored in authenticity. Leaders gain a deeper understanding of diverse motivators and drivers, boosting their effectiveness as mentors and coaches.

What makes the iEQ9 uniquely suited for Leaders?

What makes the iEQ9 uniquely suited for Leaders?

Diversity and Inclusivity: Today's organisations value diversity, seeking leaders who can engage with varied perspectives. iEQ9 equips leaders with the tools to understand, appreciate, and leverage diversity effectively.

Adaptability and Resilience: Resilient leaders who can navigate pressures skillfully are necessary. iEQ9 fosters these skills, preparing leaders for today’s challenges.

Situational Flexibility: iEQ9 develops diversified leadership and the ability to adapt to changing contexts—a skill essential in modern organisations.

Self-awareness and Continuous Growth: The old adage 'what got you here won’t get you there' rings true in leadership. iEQ9's focus on self-awareness supports leaders in their continuous personal growth, learning and keeping pace with change.

Collaboration: There is a demand for leaders who can build effective networks and lead toward a shared vision. iEQ9 cultivates these collaboration skills, empowering leaders to inspire teamwork.

Engagement: iEQ9 facilitates the need for a leader to motivate their teams through emotional intelligence. We enable leaders to coach, engage, and support their teams effectively.

Through these facets, the iEQ9 program is uniquely suited to prepare leaders to meet the demands and challenges of modern leadership.

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Our community of over 4500 professional coaches and OD practitioners can help

Experienced Accredited Enneagram coaches can facilitate your development and ensuring that you get maximum benefit from your iEQ9 Reports.

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Work with our iEQ9 practitioners for life coaching to support your personal or relationship growth

Let our coaches help unlock your full potential. Delve deeper into your iEQ9 Enneagram reports with our certified expert coaches. Their one-on-one personalised guidance allows for profound self-discovery and personal growth. Embark on an Enneagram debrief or coaching journey of transformation not just for yourself, but for your family or relationships. Our coaches have years of experience helping their clients with the Enneagram and our iEQ9 tools and will help you navigate through your internal landscapes, helping you to better understand yourself fast track your growth and transform.

Graphic iEQ9 Practitioner Coach

Work with our iEQ9 practitioners for Executive and Team coaching to propel your leadership and team’s effectiveness forward

Our exceptional and experienced Enneagram coaches can facilitate your leadership development and fast-track insights, ensuring that you get maximum benefit from your iEQ9 Professional Report. Our certified coaches are armed with the tools to help you professional world by unlocking your leadership potentials and break down barriers in team dynamics. They can delivery Enneagram Team workshop that facilitate a deep understanding of team dynamics, allowing for growing interpersonal and team awareness, tapping into team gifts, and ultimately enabling teams to express their purpose and potential.

Graphic People Training

If you are a coach or OD practitioner and want to use our iEQ9 tools with your clients then join our thriving Enneagram Practitioner Community

The Integrative Enneagram is a game-changing coaching tool that enables practitioners to quickly guide clients into radical insights and support deep, long-term development journeys. If you want to increase your effectiveness with individual and team coaching, fast-track the coaching process and improve results, then our iEQ9 accreditation is for you. Join over 4500 iEQ9 practitioners globally. Attend our iEQ9 Accreditation training and gain the practical skills to use the Enneagram and iEQ9 tools to transform your leaders and coaching clients.

Ready to get more out of life?

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Here at Integrative Enneagram Solutions, your journey matters to us. With the iEQ9 Enneagram Test, you're not just getting a test: you're investing in a tool for lifelong growth and understanding, a tool designed with care, accuracy, and backed by science. You're investing in yourself.

Uncover the authentic you. Embrace your journey with the iEQ9 Enneagram Test today. Because you're worth it.

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Frequently asked questions

Our assessment is backed by extensive research and is constantly updated with the latest insights from psychology, mindfulness and neuroscience. You can trust that our full report and results are valid, accurate and reliable. Our psychometry experts and data scientists have spent +13 years perfecting our assessment, ensuring that it is not only the most accurate test (+95%) but also user-friendly and accessible to everyone. You don’t have to take our word for it — take the word of the American Journal of Psychiatry.

We do not allow the iEQ9 to be used as part of the recruitment process. The Enneagram does not measure a person's competence or capability. We believe any Enneagram type can be successful in any role. Once the successful candidate has been identified, the Enneagram is brilliant in supporting their development.

While the Enneagram test can provide insight into an individual's personality and work style, it should not be used in the hiring decisions. It is important to consider a range of factors, including skills, experience, and cultural fit.

Yes, understanding your Enneagram type can help you to identify your leadership style and areas for growth. It can also improve your ability to lead and communicate with team members who have different Enneagram types.

Since its release in 2011, over 450,000 people have taken the iEQ9 and it's been updated to version 22. Using sophisticated statistical analysis, artificial intelligence, machine learning as well as human experts in psychometry and cognitive scientists; to assure the most up-to-date accuracy and scientific validity.

The iEQ9 Enneagram, compared to other personality tests like the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), Strengths Finder, or the Big Five Factors Test, provides a more holistic and dynamic view of personality. Rather than merely classifying traits or strengths, it delves into the underlying motivations and fears shaping behaviours, offering practical paths for personal growth and development. Unlike these other models which largely focus on fixed traits or strengths, the Enneagram is rooted in spiritual and psychological teachings, making it predictive and adaptable in complex interpersonal situations. Thus, while other systems have their benefits, the iEQ9 Enneagram's comprehensive approach offers a richer understanding of personality and its evolution over time.

In a nutshell, other personality models often focus merely on surface traits and strengths, neglecting the underlying motivations and fears that shape behaviours. They lack frameworks for personal growth, ignore weaknesses and areas for development, and fail to highlight blind spots, biases, and habits. Additionally, they don't fully comprehend the dynamic interaction of strengths across different situations and relationships.

Like all self-report questionnaires, there is an element of subjectivity involved in respondent results. To ensure that results are as reliable as possible, the Integrative Enneagram Questionnaire has built in reliability measures relating to consistency, honesty and time. Client feedback is that the iEQ9 is a revolutionary assessment tool which is very reliable and highly accurate. Integrative regularly reviews questionnaire items and continues to improve accuracy.

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What is good leadership worth to you? Can you take the chance by not investing in them properly? Free Enneagram tests are tempting, but, let's face it—they're the fast food of personality assessments. They may satisfy your immediate curiosity, but leave you with little substance and a hunger for more. Can you trust them? We'll let you decide.

To ensure that our enneagram tests are accurate, scientifically valid and, most importantly, beneficially meaningful to our clients: it is necessary that we charge a fee. Our high standard is maintained by statistical validation, big data and scientific test-retest methodology to constantly improve results. Created by leading Enneagram expert Dirk Cloete, the iEQ9 is the key to unlock your true leadership potential.