iEQ9 Enneagram Test for Couples

The ultimate guide for a stronger, more supportive, and healthier relationship

Strengthen your bond and connection, understand each other better and learn new ways of supporting each other with our iEQ9 Enneagram couples report.

The Enneagram provides an amazingly accurate picture of how we view and experience the world; this outlook has a profound influence on how we approach our relationships. This report helps couples see each other through fresh eyes, gain new insights into their relationship and connect and love more deeply.

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From understanding comes love

The perfect tool for couples looking to take their relationship to the next level.

With the iEQ9 Enneagram personality test, you'll discover your personality types and how they interact with your partner's, leading to improved communication, empathy, new ways of supporting each other and ultimately, a stronger, more fulfilling relationship.

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Reignite the passion in your relationship.

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Bring out the best in each other.

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Reduce miscommunication and hear each other more clearly.

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Deepen understanding and compassion. Be closer to each other.

Designed to support  a healthier and more  harmonious love life

What makes the iEQ9 Enneagram Couple's Report so special?

The iEQ9 Couples Report is a one-of-a-kind, sophisticated, hyper-personalised 50-page document tailored for you and your partner. It incorporates each of your unique perspectives and guides you to unlock your combined potential.

The report provides insight into how your Enneagram profile influences your relationship, and describes how you and your partner's personalities are likely to interact, whilst offering many effective development suggestions.

A powerful document that can be used for years to come.

Designed to support  a healthier and more  harmonious love life
95 percent accurate

A sophisticated and accurate test to unlock your relationships potential.

The iEQ9 Questionnaire is the world's most accurate and comprehensive Enneagram personality assessment. It is intelligent and dynamically adaptive; meaning questions change based on your responses and this allows us to ensure valid and reliable results. This intelligent self-assessment takes about 30–40 minutes to complete and forms the basis of the iEQ9 Couple's Reports.

Using our intelligent iEQ9 Questionnaire we are able to pinpoint each partner’s personality and combine the results to generate a hyper-customised report for your relationship.

iEQ9 Couples Report

“The Enneagram saved my marriage.”

The Enneagram is a powerful map of our inner selves, providing an amazingly accurate picture of our motivations and how we view and experience the world. This outlook has a profound influence on how we approach our relationships.

If you are already familiar with the Enneagram, the iEQ9 Couples report provides an enriching perspective into your relationship. The report incorporates the full spectrum of Enneagram knowledge and reflects on your core Enneagram Types, Instincts, Subtypes, Tri-type, Centers of Expression, Strain levels, conflict and social styles, highlighting your shared strengths and how you can complement each other and collaborate better.

iEQ9 Couples Report

The iEQ9 Enneagram Couples Report covers 19 relationship themes and will support you and your partner to:

icon checkmark Reignite the passion in your relationship.
icon checkmark Understand each other and your relationship in a whole new way.
icon checkmark Connect more deeply and genuinely.
icon checkmark Bring out the best in each other.
icon checkmark Reduce miscommunication and hear
each other more clearly.
icon checkmark Deepen understanding and compassion, bring you closer to each other.
icon checkmark More intimacy and sex.
icon checkmark Honour and support each other's parenting style.
icon checkmark Enrich your lives together.
Become a power couple!

Is your relationship ready for the next level?

The iEQ9 Couples Report can be used by couples that are dating, engaged, or married. It is designed for any couple desiring to enrich their relationship.

If you as a couple want to strengthen your bond and connection, understand each other better, and learn new ways of supporting each other, then the iEQ9 Enneagram Couples Report was created for you. Enjoy the decadent and unique perspective that the Enneagram can offer your relationship.

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The iEQ9 Couples Report is divided into three sections, 19 chapters, covering different relationship themes.

Both partners complete the iEQ9 Enneagram questionnaire. We combine your results to generate your relationship’s unique report. Couples who read and discuss their report will be more in touch with each other's needs and perspectives, relate better to one another, and understand themselves more clearly in the context of their relationship.

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Enneagram Couple’s Report

USD 120

50-page couple personality profile

What is included?
Enneagram relating & awareness
  • Your enneagram types
    Your Enneagram Types reveal what makes each of you tick as an individual, including the fears, motives and desires that drive your behaviour, thoughts and feelings. Using these insights can help you gain a greater understanding and acceptance of why you and your partner act and react in specific ways.
  • Bringing out the best in each other
    Dive into the positive qualities that you each bring to the table and enable you to thrive as a couple.
  • Potential pitfalls
    There are times when our personalities work against each other, therefore it is important to pay attention to these times in your relationship.
    We explore possible negative interactions that can sometimes occur if they are left unchecked, and areas for you to focus on as a couple
  • Your instincts
    Human beings possess three primal instincts - Self-Preservation, One-to-One and Social—critical to our existence. These instincts, operating unconsciously, guide our survival strategies and ways of being, with one often becoming dominant. Accessing all three instincts is important for healthy ways of being and relating.
  • 27 Subtypes
    When your dominant instinct blends with your core Enneagram type, the Subtype is revealed. The 27 Subtype layer gives a more specific, and greater nuanced description of your, and your partner's personalities.
  • Your centers of expression
    The Centers of Expression relate to how we show up in the world and how we are likely to be perceived by others. There are three Centers of Expression: Thinking, Feeling and Acting. Exploring the Centers helps us to understand, at a much deeper level, how we process external stimuli, make decisions, and express love in our relationships. Explore your dominant Centers and those less prominently expressed, illuminating your primary life strategies.
Enneagram & connecting insights
  • Caring as a couple and caring for yourself
    Liked to our personality, are unique needs and aspects of life that we seek in order to feel cared for. LIsten to each other's fundamental needs, discovering ways to care for both your partner and yourself.
  • Strain Profiles
    Your strain profiles reflect your subjective sense of how much stress you experienced at a point in time. Partners experience and report strain differently and this report indicates how well each partner is coping. As a couple, your collective strain indicates areas where you may need to relieve pressure, an area where one partner might support the other.
  • Communicating as a couple
    Communication is the heart of every relationship, acting as the bridge that connects partners. However, it can also be a source of discord, particularly when we fail to understand our partner's unique perspective. Each individual's filters and styles, both in expressing and interpreting messages, greatly influence the communication process. Moreover, nonverbal cues, like tone and body language, constitute a significant portion of communication, often more than the words themselves.

    The iEQ9 Couples Report offers strategies to help you navigate these complexities and enhance your relationship.
  • Decision making as a couple
    Being part of a couple involves a significant shift from individual decision-making to joint choices impacting both partners. It requires learning to compromise, integrating differing perspectives and preferences. There's a need for mutual understanding and respect for each partner's decision-making style and their comfort level with autonomy. This section will guide you in nurturing a healthy and collaborative decision-making process within your relationship.
  • Social styles
    Each of us has a preferred social style, by knowing yours and your partner’s can help you better understand each other’s social needs, allowing you to feel energised and engaged—especially when these styles differ.
  • Managing conflict consciously
    The likelihood of occasional conflict in a relationship is inevitable. While many might focus on the frequency and nature of these conflicts, what is equally important is how you both behave during these times and what the fallout results in. When handled in a healthy, mature way, conflict can actually be good for the relationship, leading to greater understanding, growth and development.
Enneagram & life experiences
  • Connecting intimately
    Deepen your intimacy and form a more powerful and authentic connection by learning to open up to one another and communicate more compassionately.
  • Parenting together effectively
    This section unpacks each of your respective values, core beliefs, stories and assumptions about parenting in order to help you consciously blend them into an effective and supportive co-parenting strategy.
  • Finance as a couple
    Most arguments about money are a result of a misunderstanding of each other’s needs and values. This section helps you understand your monetary needs and what motivates you and your partner’s monetary behaviour.
  • Life at work and at home
    You each have your own motivations and, therefore, different priorities and ideas of how you would like to spend your time, energy and resources.
    Help better navigate these differences and learn strategies to meet both your needs and priorities.
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Take this opportunity to deepen your understanding of each other and access greater love in your relationship.
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Allan Millham Thumbnail
Brilliant! The report is expansive, rich and allows so many opportunities for couples to grow their relationship. With thirty years under our belt, it is great and affirming to see how spot on the feedback and development suggestions were throughout the report. It is a solid homerun!
Allan Milham Arizona, United States
Keri Miller Thumbnail
It's unbelievable. It has changed the way we argue and the speed at which we resolve. It's also great to be able to come back to this because it's here in black and white and not he says, she says. It's wonderful. This great relationship has been up-levelled
Keri Miller Durban, South Africa
Dorothy Oliver Thumbnail
The couples report is clear, kind, modern and professional – just the right amount of detail – and treats everyone with respect. The report provides clarity, growth, depth, hope and possibilities to move forward together. We laughed at most of it – yes, we had examples for all the statements and new understanding kept popping up, even after all these years
Dorothy Oliver Waikato, New Zealand
Claus Roage Olsen Thumbnail
This report examines one's own relationship with empathy, curiosity, and theoretical insights in a very thoughtful manner. Couples will inevitably have eye-opening experiences and find renewed vigor and enthusiasm for investing in their relationships.
Claus Roage Olsen Roskilde, Denmark

We've helped over
5 000 Couples around the globe to
connect and love more deeply

Helping more than 5 000 couples around the globe Helping more than 5 000 couples around the globe

Your iEQ9 Couples Enneagram journey includes

First we introduce you and your partner to the characteristics that make each of you unique. We then unpack and explore some of the most significant dynamics that must be considered for a couple to establish and preserve a loving, respectful relationship. We then unpack key themes in a relationship that must be taken into account and worked on to ensure that you and your partner remain compatible and sustain a healthy relationship.

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It's nice to meet you.

Through the Enneagram's perspective, you and your partner can unearth the elements that truly define you, rekindle your understanding of each other, and appreciate the unique qualities that make your love extraordinary.

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Let's connect.

As the report unpacks your unique personalities, it explores how you can best care for each other, what to avoid so that you don't upset each other, and how your partner experiences you when you're triggered. Then find out more about your talking and listening styles, where you might be missing each other and what to do to enjoy better communication.

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Keep the good times rolling!

iEQ9 Couples report shows you how your particular blend of personalities can sustain love over the years, enabling you to fall in love again and again. The couple's report will unlock the best way to support each other, raise your children collaboratively, negotiate your finances, and integrate your lives.

Embrace change, start today with this complete life-changer!

Is your relationship ready for the next level?

If you as a couple want to strengthen your bond and connection, understand each other better and learn new ways of supporting each other, then get the iEQ9 Couples Report.

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Frequently asked questions

The iEQ9 Couples Report is a personalised report based on you and your partner’s iEQ9 results. It is a 50-page PDF document that reflects the multifaceted subtleties and dynamics that are unique to you and your partner acknowledging both of your strengths and exploring challenges that you face as individuals and as a couple.

The report uses Integrative Enneagram theory and constructs to highlight and explain these similarities and differences, exploring how they influence each partner as well as the relationship. This understanding aims to give the couple a deeper perspective of each other and the dynamics within their relationship. Both individuals play an integral part in each other’s personal growth and influence each other in many complex ways: a couple becomes more than the sum of its parts. Research has shown this process improves relationships by stimulating honest dialogue, increasing understanding, and empowering couples.

The Enneagram is an archetypal framework that offers in-depth insight about individuals, groups and collectives. The observations are more than merely describing behaviour or putting people in boxes, it helps individuals and couples to go deeper and explore the often-hidden motivations that drive one another to act and react in certain ways. According to the Enneagram, there are nine different ways of viewing and experiencing the world; this outlook has a profound influence on how we approach our relationships. We may think we know our partner entirely, but what the Enneagram provides is a tool for seeing one another through fresh eyes, giving us new insights into how we can connect more deeply. These insights can create and stimulate honest dialogue, increase understanding and empower couples to mould a relationship together where both partners feel unconditionally loved, respected and supported.

This is the first ever Enneagram couples report. Being pioneers in the corporate and coaching sphere, Integrative Enneagram Solutions wanted to provide their practitioners with the tool to deliver relational support and guidance to equip the practitioners with the ability to diversify their skills set, expertise and scope of practice. The couples report is a tool for the practitioners to use to help guide the couple to strengthen and unify their relationship. Other websites and authors have tried to explore relationships through the Enneagram lens but no one has created a report that is specifically tailored to two unique individuals. Integrative Enneagram Solutions understands that every relationship has its ups, downs and growing pains, therefore the iEQ9 Couples Report is a tool that holistically and compassionately looks at a couple and provides some insight into some of the everyday issues and challenges that couples may be facing.

There is no “best” combination, each Type has their own gifts and challenges. The Couples Report uses the Enneagram as a tool to guide couples as they begin to explore their inner worlds and gives them the vocabulary to share their discoveries with one another. A couple who constantly updates their knowledge of one another’s love maps are in touch with each other’s needs and perspectives, relate better to one another, and understand themselves more clearly in the context of their relationship.

It is relevant for every couple at any stage or structure. The Couples Report can be used by couples that are dating, engaged, or married. It is designed for any couple desiring to enrich their relationship. We strongly recommend discussing the Couples Report with an accredited Integrative Enneagram practitioner who can support you in understanding the Enneagram and guide you in applying the insights from this report to your relationship. Therefore, the report is applicable at any stage of one’s relationship and there is no prerequisite length of relationship that you have to consider before using the report. Couples also need to do their individual iEQ9 reports as this is the information that is used to generate the Couples Report. The report can guide couples during times of distress and times of difficulties before unresolved issues escalate, however, it is applicable without adversities. If you as a couple just want to strengthen your bond and connection, understand each other better and learn new ways of supporting each other, the Couples Report also sheds light on those.

This Couples Report is specifically tailored for you and your partner. It incorporates each of your unique perspectives and accounts for each of your personal gifts and challenges. It integrates your core Enneagram Types, Instincts, Subtypes, Centers of Expression, Strain levels, conflict and social styles and highlights your shared strengths and how you can complement each other and collaborate better. The iEQ9 Couples Report is personalised to your relationship whereas Enneagram books broadly speak to each Type and what they may ‘look for’ and need but may not take the other factors above into account. The report provides a more holistic and specific account of your relationship rather than just looking at it from one lens, core Types for example. The Couples Report also positions each relationship within 18 common topics that most couples may experience.

The iEQ9 Couples Report is based on the information obtained from the iEQ9 questionnaires that the couples complete. The iEQ9 has been proven by two independent statisticians to be a scientifically accurate measure of the nine different Enneagram Types. Therefore, it has been proven to be statistically valid and reliable. Please see our statistical manual for more information on the statistical significance of the iEQ9 as an assessment tool.

We need both partners to complete the iEQ9 questionnaire as the Couples Report pulls the results together before generating your relationship report. If you or your partner have recent iEQ9 results, then we can use those to generate your couples report. Please use the exact same email address you used for your individual report so that our system can recognize you. If you do not have existing results then we will give you new iEQ9 links as part of your couple's journey.