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The Enneagram invites us to live life to the fullest. Knowing our Enneagram type is the first step to understand ourselves better, to bring about personal growth, improve relationships and gain inner peace.

Do you know your Enneagram type?

iEQ9 Questionnaire

Statistic validation and unique machine learning algorithms improved accuracy to 95%. As the world’s best Enneagram test, Integrative9 enabled over a hundred thousand professional people to identify their core Enneagram type. The comprehensive, integrated, dynamically adaptive questionnaire is fast and effective. Find out your Enneagram type, subtype, Center of Intelligence, Triadic Style, Level of Self Mastery, and current Stress and Strains.

Powerful Reports

We based our reports on neuroscience, Psychology and emotional intelligence. The report narrative is written in a positive and easy to understand language. Your custom development suggestions are very practical. Get your full personality profile with powerful information to support and enrich your self-development journey.

Enneagrame Report