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About iEQ9 and Integrative9

The Integrative Enneagram Solutions(Integrative9) offers unparalleled depth of insight into enneagram types, personality types, core motivations, fears and self-limiting beliefs, creating the potential for accelerated, integrative and sustainable development in individuals, teams or organisations.

Our iEQ9 Enneagram Test and Professional Reports offer scientifically the most accurate typing test and technically robust personality profiling and development tools to support you and your clients' developmental journeys. Our adaptive, intelligent questionnaires integrate the art and science of self-discovery and transformation with intelligent cutting-edge technology.

As well as the most comprehensive Enneagram profile (including 27 Subtypes developed by Dr. Claudio Naranjo, Wings and Levels of Integration) our comprehensive reports also reflect 6 Dimensions of Stress and Strain, centers of expression (thinking, feeling and action) and the interpersonal or team implications for communication and conflict, leadership and decision-making and team behavior. Which works well with the narrative tradition.

We created a new integrated Enneagram test, based on all the different schools of thought, psychological development and cutting edge neuroscience.

We strive to be practical and accessible, allowing for self-driven learning and intentional, powerful action and development strategies. All reports offer customized advice and development paths for each subtype(based on instinct), which can be applied immediately.

Our versatile tools are applied to individual coaching and growth, team and leadership development, change management and other organizational transformations. It is more comprehensive and cutting edge than the RHETI from the Enneagram Institute or any free enneagram test.

Discover your true self with our comprehensive collection of built in archetypes in a single Enneagram personality test, which is powerful at the same time quick and easy. It reveals which of the nine personality types best aligns with your unique traits and tendencies. This personality test will give you more depth than Myers Briggs Type Indicator(MBTI), Big Five, Holland Codes, Strengths Finder, Insights Discoveyr and DISC. Take the test now and unlock the secrets of your personality.

Our Accredited Enneagram Practitioner community of coaches [4000 members], use OD and coaching to put the heart back into organisations with our iEQ9, the best Enneagram test on the market.

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The iEQ9 as an Integrated Enneagram for Practitioners

Many Enneagram practitioners have been looking for the best enneagram test to help their clients. Most personality tests are way off the mark and demonstrate a personality that you like more than what is real. Normally an accurate test will make you feel slightly uncomfortable. Growth comes from this discomfort, and the clear path to wholeness that the Integrative9 products can provide. The iEQ9 is a game changer in the world of personality assessment tests and reports. It has been designed and scientifically developed as an integrated enneagram that combines the wisdom of the rich model of the nine enneagram types with the modern integral theory, developed by Ken Wilber. This innovative approach of multiple dimensions, levels and layers, offers a unique perspective on personality patterns and allows for a more comprehensive and accurate understanding of a person's strengths, core fears, emotional style, thinking style and the way we act.

We created a truly unique iEQ9 as a dynamic adaptive and intelligent personality test, which is highly optimised, user-friendly and easy to use, which makes it an ideal tool for coaches, professionals, and leaders looking to discover their unique potential and improve their overall wellbeing. Unlike other enneagram tests, the iEQ9 goes beyond just identifying your enneagram type and dives deeper into your 27 subtypes, dominant instinct, centers of intelligence, six dimensions of stress and strain and the lines to give personal integration and growth. This level of insight provides a personalised roadmap for coaching and development, making it a valuable tool for anyone looking to make positive changes in their life or at work.

A key benefit of the iEQ9 is its ability to help individuals understand how their enneagram type influences their thoughts, instincts, sense, feelings, and behaviours in the context of conflict, stress and other challenging situations. This level of self-discovery can help individuals identify and overcome limiting beliefs and specific fixated behaviours or traits that may be holding them back. From a positive psychology perspective, it provides a deeper knowledge of how to leverage their unique character and personality strengths to create greater fulfilment and satisfaction, holistically.

Integrative9's Enneagram personality test

Is the iEQ9 Enneagram personality test accurate and reliable? Yes, over the past 12 years we refined our enneagram assessment, based on scientific validation and constant client feedback to get to a +95% accuracy. Something you can only get in a smart and adaptive test. The iEQ9 is considered by professional coaches and large organizations to be the official Enneagram test for real people development.

Testing the Enneagram's levels of integration bring to life the otherwise static collection of personality traits, illuminating the delicate dance between healthy and unhealthy tendencies. Without this understanding, the types can appear as a chaotic jumble of contradictory characteristics. However, by delving into the levels, we gain a glimpse into the transformative journey of the human psyche, as it journeys from flourishing wholeness to downward spirals and back again.

In a society where stress and burnout are becoming increasingly prevalent, the iEQ9 enneagram personality combines several tests and offers a map and power tools for uncovering the root cause of one's experience of strain and how to manage it effectively. The subtle nuances of all the factors of this comprehensive profile identify how you are unique, yet provide structure and tools for revealing your awesomeness. We are here to help you or your clients discover and work towards it.

What are the Nine Enneagram Types?

Testing a person with the iEQ9 will give you the ability to accuately help identify their unique core motivations, fears, behaviors and worldviews. It is ok for a person to recognize more than one point in their self and have a slight uneasy feeling. Here is a short example of the nature of the nine enneagram types and differences in traits:

ennea icon type 8 The Active Controller - With direct or indirect power, they like to lead or move obstacles out of the way. They are not soft and want others to be strong like them.
ennea icon type 9 The Adaptive Peacemaker - Harmony is all they want in life. Can we all just get along and be connected? Their kindness and softness are both gifts and challenges for them.
ennea icon type 1 The Strict Perfectionist - Seeks a world that is perfect and beautifully structured. They measure themselves to high ideals / golden standards. They work hard to not make mistakes.

ennea icon type 2 The Considerate Helper - Wants the world to be more loved. They have big hearts and sense when others are struggling. They are super supportive and helpful but struggle to express their own needs.
ennea icon type 3 The Competitive Achiever - Their ambition drives them to be seen as successful. They make effective plans to reach their goals but can struggle to be real in the moment. Tasks, checklists and deliverables always take priority.
ennea icon type 4 The Intense Creative - They are the unicorns, mysterious, moody with a flair for the unusual. They feel so deeply that it can be overwhelming. But from this depth, beautiful, unique creativity immerges.

ennea icon type 5 The Quiet Specialists - Deep logical, rational thinkers. They observe the world from a distance and put together models in their heads. You have to ask the right question, in the right way to get them to share their knowledge.
ennea icon type 6 The Loyal Sceptic - They seek security and safety, so it is easy for them to spot small and big dangers. They will have your back if you are a trusted friend.
ennea icon type 7 The Enthusiastic Visionary - They are fast-minded futurists. They want to experience all the good things in life and avoid any sticky bonds. They like to lighten up the mood and move things forward.
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Latest Articles

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Expressing Love in Romantic Relationships Through The Enneagram Centers

Relationships often become problematic because we do not all have the same preference as our partners when it comes to expressing and receiving love. Like the idea of the love languages, the way we use our Enneagram Centers to express love might not map to our partner's use and expression. It is for this reason that by understanding not only our partners' inherent love language -but how they express love through the Enneagram Centers too- we can begin to tear down walls in our romantic lives.

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What the Enneagram Types Need in Romantic Relationships

Understanding the differences between you and your partner's ways of expressing love is vital for a happy and fulfilling relationship. Each and every one of us has a unique set of needs in a relationship - the balancing act of simultaneously tending to your own as well as your partners can be extremely difficult!

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Love by Instinct: a short guide to the Enneagram Instincts in Relationships

Each one of the romantic partners that we have dated would have showed that they loved and cared for us in different ways. If we know our dominant instinct, it can help us better understand ourselves and the people we love and care about -- and even transform our romantic relationships, especially considering that our instincts give an indication as to how we show others that we love and care for them.

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What People say about the Integrative Enneagram Products

As a lifelong learner on the path of self discovery and self knowledge, the Enneagram has been a pivotal tool for me. The Integrative Enneagram personality test and report gave me a comprehensive look into my motivational style, serving as a valuable source of ongoing self-reflection and growth. And the iEQ9 Teams workshop was a transformative experience, providing me with new insights into how teams can function with a dominant motivational style that is a composite of the individual styles of its members. The iEQ9 Enneagram assessment has greatly enriched my journey of self knowledge and self understanding.
Allan Millham Thumbnail
Allan Milham Business Coach, Washington DC
The Integrative Enneagram studies and training workshop was an amazing experience, which helped solidify my Enneagram knowledge, and most importantly stretched me in my personal and coaching life. The questionnaire has a large amount of depth to explore and thus coaching sessions and conversations are never dull as there is so much to discover. The report is a fantastic start to connect with the inner self and it has contributed to my own process as a coach. I have been able to explore my own demons and light in such a way where I can be both authentic and helpful for my clients, as I am on the Enneagram journey as well.
Jean Ann Rodrigue Thumbnail
Jean Ann Rodrigue The South African College of Applied Psychology , South Africa
I believe the iEQ9 is the best Enneagram test on the market and I highly recommend Integrative Enneagram's workshops in providing validated theory and excellent experiential learning opportunities. I have found their iEQ9 report to be the most accurate personality test and helpful to my coaching clients in their personal development. The iEQ9 forms a vital foundation to how I support my clients in the practices we develop in growing self-awareness, purpose and desired results. I have also used the iEQ9 reports for many successful and insightful team development initiatives which have led to improved working relationships, innovation and efficiencies - and happier people!
Dr. Lee Kingma Thumbnail
Dr. Lee Kingma Group Human Resources Manager, Juta & Co
The Enneagram opens up a whole new universe of understanding and helps tremendously with improved personal mastery and relationship management. The iEQ9 is the best enneagram test and the report is a comprehensive explanation of an individual's motivational style with plenty of detail for continuous reflection towards personal development. The Integrative Enneagram teams workshop was great to understand how teams can behave with a dominant motivational style, that is a composite of the styles of the individuals.
Buzz (Aldrin) Beyer Thumbnail
Buzz (Aldrin) Beyer Executive & Life Coach, Johannesburg

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